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I woke up this morning, and the image of this little guy somehow exploded into my head as my first thought, and naturally, that meant I had to vomit him out into Photoshop. I’ll call him Eloi!
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This l'il fella is friend shaped, I like 'em.
I believe I lost my glasses
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Ye old porcupine man in the woods...
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The lonely walker...
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"Places to be, things to do."
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this is so cool. 
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Haha! This is great. I especially love your description. The process of creation is a funny, but interesting thing x)
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I love it, mysterious and SO CUTE!!!:fluffy: NOT MY WORK 
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interesting )
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When I saw the title I thought it might be a Time Machine illustration, but this guy is really neat!
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I actually looked in my image feed for a partner image called 'morlock' before I clicked over and realized it wasn't XD
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This is fantastic. Looks like he belongs in an old fairy tales book
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This is so cool! Love it!
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It's like one of Miyasaki's soot critters in old age!
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Woahhhh, this is surprisingly similar to a dream creature I dreamt several years ago, lantern and all --…

An archetype? :3
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Could be!  Not sure what our brains are telling us but it must be a universal thing :)
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One of those moments where your mind gets this odd image that you may not have been able to think up normally. Love those moments when they can be put on paper, or in this case, a computer!
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Yeah, luckily I had the frame of mind to burn it into my memory when I got up, ahha!
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Eloi is bizarrely cool! :D I love his lack of humanoid form besides from the limbs that clearly show he's hunched over!
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Thanks! :) I'm glad you like him!
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