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Dunia Map Commission (No Locations)


A private map commission for Utunu, which is subject to change once locations are added in! For now, here’s the landscape/topography of the map itself :) 

Painted in Photoshop! By hand! Yes, my wrist is tired.

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This is utterly beautiful, really well done.

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Fantastic! Oh, so many amazing things that points to great skill. I love it. The ocean is wonderful to say the least. In fact, I would actually like to know what kind of process you had in painting the ocean?

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I simply paint it, really :) Start with gradients to make sure where my light is coming from, work in the larger forms to get in the motion of the water, plan where to put in smaller details like waves and ripples and get to work rendering it all out!

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Question for you, I don't mean to offend, but can I borrow this image? I have a Dungeons and Dragons campaign I am running and this map would fit the world perfectly. I don't want to step on anybody's toes. 
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If you're only using it at the table, in private, it should be fine. I'd only ask you don't start up a stream or something, gain fans that start to use the map as the effective "world", because this is definitely someone else's map world and it wouldn't be fair to them :) 
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Good job, this is awesome.
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Amazing work!!!! So much detail, the snow covered mountains, the forests and prairies all look so authentic!!! And to top it all you painted it by hand. I feel like creating a fantasy world around the map to make it all come alive.. 
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I have a little question mark about the desert in the northeast. Typically, deserts form in areas with a boundary, usually a mountain/range that diverts the weather away from it. There is a mountain nearby, but I would almost expect mountains along the edge of the desert, more like the northwestern desert and the mountains there.

But! I gotta hand it to you, this map looks gorgeous, and the rest of it seems pretty logical to me. And painting it by hand - holy crow, dude. Gotta respect you for that. Cheers, and best wishes for you and your hardworking wrist. ^_^
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I love the way you make these maps! Incredible skill!
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The colours are amazing! However rivers and mountains look to me really strange. It just doesn't look natural. Something in their structure is off. Maybe this will help…
Sorry if the critique is unwanted. Have a nice day!
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Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn, i wish i had your talent my friend

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It looks so good!
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I've made some custom maps in my time but this puts every single one I've done to shame. Almost tempted to use it for a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. 
Are you objective to doing more of these? If this were a print I would buy it in a heartbeat.
How does one do commissions through you?
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" Lord damie-m know's d'a w~aaee " :meow: :XD:
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The clouds on the map are a nice touch...
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You did a good job there Cat nods 
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The water is so beautiful <3
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I admire your devotion to detail
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Devotion...Compulsion...same thing :laugh:
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