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Beastiary 4 - Clockwork Mage

Here's another for the Beastiary 4 for Paizo's books.  Clockworks and mages, what's not to love?   
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Hell yeah, robot wizards
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Would you do a clockwork paladin?
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I very much love the colors. It combines mechanics and rusty browns with a beautiful electric blue. Not to mention the glowing runes on the arms and the stylized flame. I also really like the pose, it works so well with the personality of the piece

Amazing work!
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sooo coool *___*
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Wicked cool styley, details, and colours/fx!
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This needs to become a Fiddlesticks or Viktor skin.
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You are a genius. That is all.
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Instantly one of my favourite pieces of fantasy art!!! There's something tender about it, in the colours and clothing, something warm and cozy. Which is nicely contrasted with the blue, which enriches the composition but also feels pure, doesn't add any darkness or something to it. It looks like a quiet and loyal guardian creature you'd find in a wisened mage's library, or a proper hero character.

I say, personally...

Anyway, it's spectacular. Well done :)
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Thank you for the kind words! :)
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Awesome!!!! XD i love the concept of it ^^
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Stunning work, everything is very well executed :)
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Stunning coloring!~
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I would expect to see this in the concept art for a big name RPG. Well done!
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Very interesting design O_o
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Nothing. There is nothing not to love. This seems a pretty original idea, combined with good artwork and excellent details. Outstanding job sir, outstanding job.

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