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Some of the seasoned nerds (like my husband) may recognize this one. Again for Paizo's Pathfinder Module "From Shore to Sea". Was meant to be a more mummified version of the monster. Image belongs to them.
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girlgunnerHobbyist Writer
As if the Living versions weren't enough trouble, now we have an UNDEAD Aboleth!
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SkyhornetHobbyist Digital Artist
Those pathfinders have a bunch of Cosmic Abomination?
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Ryanator50Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Very lovecraftian
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AmrasFelagundHobbyist Writer
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amazing work love the mummification!
Minimijo01's avatar
This makes me want to play the game.
Passin's avatar
Very cool
Sin-Nombre-RPG's avatar
Whoohoo! Freaky underground tentaclefish! I know them well (being a seasoned nerd myself, as you say)!
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do kuo toa there so cool ;-;
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Dark-Attis's avatar
Won-der-ful !!
Doc-The-Grey's avatar
awesome man, think that's one of the best pics I've seen of the Aboleth in a good long time
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Andy1134Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wouldent want to fish that thing out of the sea, thats for sure. I love the whole design
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CarlesTenorioStudent Digital Artist
uaaaaaahhhh... y love this creature concept!!!
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Wow - that is FANTASTIC!!!
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love pathfinder, thank you
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UrazelHobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome Aboleth, gotte love em.
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KirjotusviheHobbyist Writer
Lovecraftian fish? Whats not to like
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EliskHobbyist Digital Artist
Unholy perfection!
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In my homemade campaign setting these beauties created the world :) of course they had different forms then, and were much more powerful.
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thundergoatHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow, I really like the treatment of this notorious beast :D I always thought the original head they came up with was kind of wacky, I like this much better. Awesome job!
Icyshadowlord's avatar
Aboleths are awesome :3
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AngelicAdonisHobbyist Traditional Artist
Fantastic! Love the design! :D
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nice! very well done
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