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Another one, with classy centre composition quite tough, what client ask I will be brave to do.
It is the re-imagined city of Alexandria in art nouveau / deco style, with the main design inspired by American Radiator Building from New York.
You can also see the time-lapse process on youtube.

Epic cheers!

I'm taking commissions, ask me for a quote.
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Man, your art is awesome, these kind of images encourage me to write fantasy stories!
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Thank you so much, that are inspiring words to me :happybounce:

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wow... (sees lots of really nice landscapes that you've done) Really awesome. ^_^
I've been thinking about 'interest' today and how to achieve it. I noticed your stuff has a lot of contrast and light and dark areas—how do you keep that when adding details instead of it all getting muddled and losing focus?
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It is really about composition, which is everything, scale, lighting, shape design, rendering, its everything really that contributes, many things can break the peace.
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Exquisite artwork, majestic cityscape, and the American Radiator Building is outstanding. Well done.
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Thank you so much, that was quite some work to do, and I love this building ^^
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I really like this work, the composition and the style of the structures. Adding the mountains in the background rather the desert creates a greater sense of grandeur. Thank you.
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Thank you so much for a comment like that, mountains look inspired by those from Canada, it is probably bit oversized one but for sake of composition I gave it a great size. And architecture I tried to mix it up and even add more Victorian houses but I got lost in the process ^^'
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Well done. The mountains need to be of such scale to be seen beyond the buildings I think.
Beside we can't just make it all the same as we have...What's 'fantasy' for then?
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As artist, I can get away with almost anything ^^
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Yes indeed just remember that applies only to your art. :D (Big Grin) Clap 
No psychotic rampages through the village now. Oops! No, I disagree! 
That might be seen as being naughty.CURSE YOU! Rage
:happybounce: Hug 
Once in a while I like these little things.Giggle :happybounce: 
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man this is aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawesome,i love it a lot
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Hahaha thank youuuuuuuouououuouuuuuuuuuuu ^^
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Absolutely gorgeous detail in this. Very nice!
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Thank you, it has been pleasing torture ^^
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