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Hellsing 13mm Auto Jackal

Info: "The Jackal is a massive pistol made especially for Alucard. With a length of 39cm (16 in), weight of 16kg (35lbs), and a black gunmetal construction, it is one of the most powerful hand weapons featured in the series. The words Jesus Christ is in Heaven Now are engraved upon it, in mockery of a similar statement on Alexander Anderson's gloves."

-Requested by :iconsgtsoupie:

The .454 Casull will be coming soon! :D

DON'T FORGET to credit me when you use it! ^_^

Made with parts from :iconrazkurdt:'s Ebony, Luce & Ombra pistols :D
© 2012 - 2021 DamianHandy
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One Word. 

Yes                      hellsing 
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..........OMG, man thanks a million!!! I was so looking for THIS. Even if my work is a comic, it'll sure be very useful for me... and yes, i WILL give you credit and a link to this page.

Thanx so much!!
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No problem! A pleasure to help ^^
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hmmm i se it is based of the colt 1911... oh it is based of the Lucy and ombra ^^ that explains. still it awesome done ^^the textures really came out cool ^^
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I combined models of Luce, Ombra, and Ebony :D
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:iconlaexcitedplz: loove this gun
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thanks ^^

It's "sister" of sorts will be released sometime today too
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ohh.. okk..

welcome :heart:
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The .454 Casull-lol sorry :XD:

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But will it blend?
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It's perfection, Damian!
I bet this gun will be a suitable for Black Rock Shooter to wield in my crossover fanfic!
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Your very welcome ^_^

Like I say, I aim to please or at least try to :XD:
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I wish there's a XNALara model of Alucard, that would be awesome even though there's no video game version of Hellsing.
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lol well it could be possible to make a custom meshmod of him-I can't yet-I don't have enough pieces that would accurately depict him unfortunately :icononionsighplz:
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Thank you ^^

I owe :iconrazkurdt: for the parts ^^
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