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Album Artwork - Back Cover

So these are for a digital imaging assignment that requires me to design an album artwork. Lunar Eclipse are a fictional band (as far as I know) from eastern Europe somewhere. They fit the metal genre but have a classically/opera trained female vocalist, giving them a sound reminiscent of bands like Nightwish or Lacuna Coil.

I've gotten to the point where I've been looking at them so long that I can't really see them anymore. So they're not necessarily completely finished, but I thought I'd throw them up here and see if I get any interesting comments while I leave them for a couple days.

~trelliastock - background rooftops, church
~bulmestocks - foreground rooftop
~Stock-jm - storm clouds
~CandG-stock - street
=comfortingtear-stock - crime scene outline
~whynotastock - feather brushes
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:lol: cool job on this album cover :clap: !!!
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Thank you very much =D
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those 4 links at the bottom don't seem to work. if they're not deviantARTists the :dev : tag won't work.
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yeah I noticed that
I will have 2 go back and fix them tonight when I get back from uni
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