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yes they do by Dametora yes they do by Dametora

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After seeing someone post a comment elsewhere about "never hearing of women rapists," I decided to make a stamp.

Female sexual abusers do exist.

People don't think women can be evil creatures, but they sure as hell can. Anyone's capable; women have been proven to be equally as violent as men.
In my town, there is a woman who sexually assaulted a four year old (though I don't know their gender).

Why don't you hear of it so often? Because people like to make excuses, because society is still disgustingly sexist, because we live in a rape culture.
"He secretly wanted it." -- just because he's a dude, doesn't mean he's inflicted with satyriasis.
"He must be gay." / "She must be ugly." -- these excuses thoroughly disgust me. Seriously.
"He's making shit up to get her in trouble / to stay out of trouble." -- what? Fucking what? You know, abuse victims hear this a lot, and it's horribly wrong. The people saying this make me want to cry.
See also:

But it's not just men that are targeted, just like male sexual abusers don't just target women. Here's a story about a girl who was sexually assaulted by her mother. The writer has spoken with many assaulted by their female care-takers. And immortality-in-words has provided a story about a woman who was arrested for attempting to sexually assault and impregnate her wife.

So yeah. Women can be sexual abusers too. They exist. Be aware of them.
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December 22, 2010
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