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In every detail, an eternity
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I'm a young alternative and portrait photographer. I'm 26 and french, I have a PhD in biology, passionate about the world around me, feminist and radical ecologist. I'm in love with nature, people, music, tattoo, cats and horses. I'm sometimes a model when I have the time.
I work with a CANON 70D, canon 50mm f/1.8, sigma 18-200mm f/3.5, sigma 150-500mm. I hope you will like what I do!
I come from France near Paris.

For the stock, you can use it as you want juste don't forget to CREDIT ME and send me the link of you creation! I really want to see what you've done!
And don't forget to give a look to my real work! ;)

Don't worry! I'm sorry if I can't answer now for every faves. But I always try to see your work and I make the effort to fave one of your best work. I just don't have time to answer to everyone of you :)

My website : dametenebra.com
My mail : contact@dametenebra.com
My facebook page : www.facebook.com/dametenebra
What I love to listen to ;)

Many bands of metal : symphonic, epic, gothic atmospheric, black, melodic, speed, heavy, industrial, ...
Some old bands of Hard Rock
But also : Dubstep, Hardstep, Epic Dubstep, Trance, Hardtrance, Electro goth, electro indus, ...

Favourite Movies
The Crow, Star Wars, Batman Trilogy, LOR, ...
Favourite TV Shows
Game of Thrones, Vikings, The Last kingdom ...
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Rammstein, Deathstars, Lacuna Coil, Sirenia, Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth, Within Temptation, Paradise Lost, Sonata Arctica, Epica, Marilyn Manson, Nightwish (the old!), Rhapsody, Chaostar, Lordi, Him, Penumbra, Celldweller, Blue stahli, Wednesday 13 ...
Favourite Books
Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice
Favourite Writers
Anne Rice, Stephen King, Mercedes Lackey, ...
Favourite Games
Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age II, Oblivion
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Other Interests
Horse and Horse ridding


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Thank you a lot for your critique :) I'm really happy you liked it so much!
Most of the time I don't use artificial light but only natural light especialy when I'm outdoor :) The only times I use artificial light is indoor or studio :)
And for depth of field, this would have been difficult with this composition : I'm with a 50mm objective with the entire model that is really close to the background, there is more distance between me and the model than between the model and the background. So it's technically impossible to add more depth of field. This is however something that I use a lot for portraits as you have in most of my gallery :)
But I understand what you meant :)
Thanks !
Oriental darkness
Thank you a lot for this long, really complete and interesting critique :) I'm really happy that you liked my work :)
I let some kind of mystery about the interpretation and let you think what you want on the meaning, the history of the pic :)
The only point I found strange was that you said "I have to downgrade the technical part just a little, because I have got a feeling that the difficulty level is not that high for a good photographer". What do you mean exactly by difficulty level ? and what would have been something with a higher level of difficulty ?
And why is this something  "bad" that the level of difficulty, the realisation of the pic was not so high ? :) I do what speaks to me, what I have in mind, what I imagine and with an artistic purpose not thinking about the technical level of difficulty in the pic. And I think it's really strange to evaluate what level of difficulty or technique is appropriate to me as a photographer :)
But thanks for your critique :) I wanted to go further on this point because I found t a bit strange :)
Oriental darkness
Thanks for your words and the time you passed on this critique :)
An afternoon tea at Versailles
Thank you a lot for this critique and your comments :) I will try to answer you my best !

First I'm glad that you like on a technical point first :) I'm really proud of this pic and I really paid attention when I took it but also during post-production to create the atmosphere I wanted. Thanks also for the costume maker, she is a great artist :)

First you have to know that this was not a shoot organozed by me but as I mention in the description of the photo, this was a meet-up organized by the costume creator, Medeina des Lys. She chose the costumes, make up, accessories, place, etc. I had to deal with this. And I couldn't choose the model also ;) I had to take pictures of all the models so that Medeina could have pics of her costumes. This picture cannot be as original as my other works because I didn't have the complete freedom I have with my personal projects :)

For the pose, I know that this is not so natural but if you look at my others works, models are often with poses, not so natural because in fact I don't look for natural poses or natural images. I see photography as if I were a painter. Many of my images are inspired by classic painting, religious painting and you can see that especially in the poses.

And finally as I said, I couldn't choose in this meet-up the models, and I'm not the kind of photographer that pushes models in their limits to obtain an expression. I prefer to work with the models who involve naturally themselves in the project :)

But I'm happy to hear that you liked the pic and that it made you react ;)
Thanks again !
Deep Blue