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Wha...what not a bloody cliffhanger gah now I have to wait another month curses. Well on to the Review.

I found myself at my happiest when I read the conversation between Lucky and Sweets seeing Sweets blush from Lucky's charms really satisfied my week. It was almost worth the wait.

The NCR sounds like a terrible place to work, the pay is hardly worth me even thinking about sighing up I better off being a Raider at least I'll get better food and have to not but up with Flint shit. What Orcale said was very moving, Flint couldn't move forward yes losing a love one is very painful but dwelling on that loss will trap you in a cycle of grief perhaps now Flint will find what he sought in the great cesspool of fire.

Lucky is truly a smart pony, he stated specificly why he hated Casino's and Gambling. You rarely get that from fanfics anymore you just get cliches, you made me understand Lucky's hatred for the Casino and I can empathizes with that on a low degree. Familes are united and divided by the simple flip of a coin, a hand of cards and even a dice roll.