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This is a love story, it is not.
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How to shade with Texture Tutorial

DAZ, DIgital, or Wacom Tutorials

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venom by sandoval art

random fandoms

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male fantasy

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male portrait

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Blonde Tower of Power

female portrait

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cast down your enemy

female fantasy

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fantasy couples groups

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State of mind

3D Art

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Black-n-White, monos, single color

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Advent Calendar 2015 - December 16

hnd drw

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Adoptable 23 [Set price] [Closed]

chcter studies

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Creepy Gastly

Random Fandom- anime

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Chibi everything

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Pose study 51

bases, stockes and pose studies

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Snow's Tips #1 - DAZ Studio Render Settings

Adam gives very useful presets and tips regarding DAZ Studio render settings in this thread that both new users and veterans may find useful. http://www.daz3d.com/forums/viewthread/16085/ My personal settings as of 1/7/2014. All of these values can be edited in your Render Settings panel. My PC is an Intel i7 with 12 gig of RAM, most final renders take anywhere from 7 to 20 minutes. Bucket Order: Horizontal (this is up to you though) Bucket Size: 16 Max Ray Trace Depth: 1 (I don't need extremely accurate reflections) Pixel Samples X: 12 Pixel Samples Y: 12 Shadow Samples: 24 Gain: 1.00 Gamma Correction: Off Gamma: 1.00 Shading Rate: 0.10 (

tutorial, education refs, studies

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accessories, makeup, clothing and items

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writings to read

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Dragon wings

dolls. arts and crafts

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Princess Luna MLP - My newest Papercraft project

paper crafts

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Tutorial LeChat's Ears by MikiyoOo

sewing stuff

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Adult Content

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Light Rays

brushes and effect resources

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