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  • Listening to: Ludo
  • Reading: Susab Barker - Sayonara bar
  • Playing: SMT
  • Drinking: coffee
i`ve got my first ever tablet *____*
oh, and many other changes irl)
finally at home
parents place great, but for week or two.
and here 10.249 deviant messages -___-
  • Listening to: Ludo
  • Watching: Modern Masters
  • Playing: Persona 3
  • Drinking: coffee
me and someone draw line-art, then we made colouring of each other pictures
much easier then my english)
let`s play?
  • Drinking: coffee
today is my birthday))))
  • Listening to: Kasabian
  • Reading: Jasper Fforte - Lost in a good book
  • Watching: mighty boosh
  • Drinking: coffee
good news: scanner work again
bad news: i somehow manage to delete big bunch of files, including all fonts, brushes and ones that you should never, never delete -___-"
  • Listening to: Kasabian
  • Watching: mighty boosh
  • Drinking: coffee
my scanner has broken ;__; can`t believe(((
  • Listening to: Kasabian
  • Watching: mighty boosh
  • Drinking: coffee
The fantastic elastic 10 free Sketches thingy ^^
from ~Commander-June

I dunno exactly what's that for, but it looks like a little funny thing, so the first 10 ppl who want to claim a number to get a sketch from mee - However, in return, you must offer 10 free sketches in your own journal. If you've already done 10 Free Sketches, simply link the journal entry in your comment XD
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note to myself:
- goth-detectives
- illust for Lucky break/Mint royale crossover
- mighty boosh background
- neko for Volha
- doctor/master strip for guardian
- dragon with air-balloon for zaichatina
Dark almost understand how adjust dev
now I upload my old school works
and should recognize - they are awfull((

maybe photo will be better ^___^
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  • Reading: dictionary
  • Playing: FFTA