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A "radfem" or "radical feminist", often a "terf" / "trans exterminatory radical feminist" / "trans exclusionary radical feminist" and/or a "swerf" / "sex worker exclusionary radical feminist", is a self-proclaimed feminist who believes one or more of the following:

- Trans women are men trying to prey on women, trying to trick lesbians into dating them, trying to infiltrate women's spaces, etc.

- All forms of kink or fetishism is inherently wrong, misogynistic, oppressive, etc.

- Sex work is inherently wrong, misogynistic, oppressive, etc and is actually sex slavery, and should remain illegal.

- Trans men are confused women tricked by the "trans agenda" into rejecting women and womanhood.

- Sex and gender are the same and are biologically ingrained, not concepts.

- Attraction is based on your assigned gender/birth genitalia, not your identity. For example, lesbians and straight men are only attracted to "biological females"/"real" vaginas, not trans women. 

- Bisexuality is not real and bi people are confused, have internalized homophobia, or are experiencing compulsory heterosexuality.

- Bi people have straight privilege.

- Biphobia isn't real.

- Sex education is wrong.

- Sex positivity is wrong and is rape culture.

- (Cis) Men can't be raped.

- Porn is inherently wrong, misogynistic, oppressive, etc and is actually sex slavery, and should be banned.

- Nonbinary genders, transgender is not real, there is only male and female and you will always be male and female.

- Asexuality and aromanticism are not real.

- Using inclusive language (such as "queer" or "pregnant people" or "people with penises") is inherently misogynistic and/or lesbophobic.

- Acknowledging and calling a trans child by their declared gender is child abuse.

- Sexism is based on biological sex/gender, not on identity.

- Queer is not an identity and shouldn't be used.

- The acronym should be LGB.

- Bi women can not use "butch" or "femme".

As well as other beliefs.
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