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Deviation Actions

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Hi Guys,

Most of you were wondering why daMEAT hasn't been accepting artworks from members in the group's gallery.  It's because we haven't finalized the rules for accepting artworks then. We apologize for the long wait. And now...

We're opening the daMEAT Gallery for your Art Submission!
Be sure to read the submission rules first.

Cheers! :w00t:


daMEAT Art Submission Guidelines

Who Can Submit?

:pointr: Everyone - you just have to be a member!

Who can become a member?

:pointr: Filipino deviants residing in the Philippines!
**If you're a Filipino living abroad, we will check your nationality.

What can we submit?

:pointr: Your Deviations! Namely the ones falling under Digital Art, Traditional Art and Photography. Right now, these are the only categories that we'll be accepting.

Please No WIPs

How much can we submit?

:pointr: You can only submit up to two (2) deviations a week

How do we submit?

:pointr: Right Now, daMEAT will only accept artworks for five categories: Three (3) for artist original and two (2) for daMEAT exclusives.  Follow the instructions below and make sure you submit under the right category.

    :bulletblue: Digital Art:
:pointr: Member submitted artwork that utilizes "digital technology": Digital Painting and Airbrushing, Vector and Vexel, Pixel Art, Drawing, Interactive
:pointr: Go to the gallery and select "Digital Art". Click the "submit to this folder"-button in the subfolder and you're good to go!

    :bulletblue: Traditional Art:
:pointr: Member submitted artwork that uses traditional mediums: Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media, and Arts and Crafts
:pointr: Go to the gallery and select "Traditional Art". Click the "submit to this folder"-button in the subfolder and you're good to go!

    :bulletblue: Photography:
:pointr: Member submitted photographs and photomanipulation.
:pointr: Go to the gallery and select "Photography". Click the "submit to this folder"-button in the subfolder and you're good to go!

    :bulletblue: Aftermath Pics:
    :bulletblue: Attendances:

I submitted to the wrong folder, what happens now?

    :pointr: You can withdraw your submission and resubmit it to the correct folder.

    :pointr: If you don't withdraw it your submission will either be declined or moved to the correct folder. But please try to submit to the correct folders.

I made a tutorial, can it be in the gallery?

    :pointr: For now, no. You can submit it to the favourites and maybe we will add it to the gallery later on.

So we submitted our works, will you guys have a Featured Artist of the Week or Artist of the Month?

    :pointr: Yes, we will have featured artworks in our main page, and blog entries. We are still finalizing the rules for that so just wait for our next update!

Are there any other things that we should consider when submitting our works?

Important Things to Remember:

1. Name the medium / program used to make your deviation in the artist's comment!
2. Please make sure that you do not submit work in Progress (WIP) because they are discouraged.
3. Please check your work and check if it violates any of these rules, incase yes, then your artwork doesn't belong here.

:bulletred: Extreme violence or gore and suggestive nudity.
:bulletred: Political Satire and Religious Parody.
:bulletred: Directly Traced Artworks.
:bulletred: Artworks that violates the deviantART's policy on copyright infringement.

*** If you don't do, this we will link you to these rules and deny your submission - you can then resubmit of course

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