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Sole comparison by damascvs Sole comparison by damascvs
I made this story and pic for one of my favorite followers.

BE CAREFUL! This is a FOOT FETISH story (do not read if you’re not in)

It contains:

-Foot growth

-A girl and a boy that are friends


-A very, very simple and bad English

If you think girls’ feet are a beautiful, sexy and important part of them, you’re welcome, enjoy reading;)


-Oh, how have I survived today without you?

-Ooooh! You are so sweet… -said Siana with a bit of irony on her voice as I entered home-.

My cute, beautiful, and sarcastic girlfriend Siana. I first met her when she was 13, and I was only a year older. At that age, we were only neighbors, and started to meet after school to watch films, go cycling or, sometimes, we only talked to each other about our problems or thoughts.

I remember her as a tall, cute and intelligent girl. I liked her, and she felt it, but none of us wanted to talk first. But… she was so… special.  It was like magic. Her beautiful long hair, her tanned skin, dark eyes, long legs… but there was one secret thing I loved from her: her feet.

I could not stop staring at them. Whenever we went, at swimming pool, at park, at the mall, I was constantly seeing them moving, watching how perfectly shaped they were. Her perfect, thin, feminine, tanned precious feet. They were very big too. Actually, her feet outgrew mine few months after I met her. When Siana was only 13, her feet size was about 40 EU, slightly bigger than mine.

-What size are your shoes, Siana?

-Uuum… I think they are a 42…

-Don’t lie.

-I don’t lie! My feet are very big, see?

I was not a foot fetishist, I wasn’t attracted by other girl’s feet, only by hers. Always we went to her room, I got a boner when she removed her shoes and let her incredible, loooong footies move free.

I remember once, we were doing homework together when her mum went with her to the mall and I stood at her room alone. Then she was 14, and I was so obsessed about her feet that, as soon they closed the door, I started opening drawers and boxes until I found her shoes. I took a pair of pink and white trainers, and I…

-Sniiif…! Oh my…

Yes, I started sniffing carefully all those 40-42 sized shoes. Her childish pink flip-flops. Her sexy white sandals. Her feminine black flats… I could not stop myself. All of them smelled so good. The perfect, fine, feminine scent of her feet turned me crazy.

I sniffed and sniffed and sniffed for hours, until I felt dizzy. I even came, and I came a lot, but I realized much later. When they returned home, I was so embarrassed I could barely speak. Luckily Siana never realized I had done that.

Over the years, we grew a lot. At 16, I was taller than her, but she changed a lot due to the puberty. Her breasts started to grow a little, her shape started to look like a vertically stretched pear. She was tall, skinny, beautiful, and sexy. She developed an awesome personality, smart and sarcastic without losing her femininity. Her legs lengthen a lot, and her feet started to grow almost faster than she could buy shoes. As she grew from a 40 to a 48 in only few months, her mum sent her to the doctor. He said that Siana had a case of hormonal disorder, but it was not dangerous at all.

Siana told me she was happy with her big feet.

-Look how tiny your feet are! –she used to say while she compared her tanned, enormous feet to mine-.

-Oh, I didn’t know kangaroos could speak…

-Shut your mouth up, kid! –she was not mad at all, she loved being so big-footed.

When her feet reached the 50 EU size, he started to buy shoes online to a business in Sweden, where they made beautiful shoes for very tall ladies. Siana was not so tall –well, she was 1,68 meters- but her feet were colossal.

Once we were watching a movie, laid on her bed. She wore a pair of giant pink and blue stripped socks, when I asked her the Question.

-Sia, I think you realized I sometimes… find myself staring at your feet…

-Well, it’s normal. It’s not common to see a girl with these…

-Oh, yeah. The thing is that, I always wanted to… do you let me… smell your feet?

-Mmmmm… what?

-I want to smell your feet.

-How? What are you talki…?

I grabbed her right feet and inspired so deeply I felt dizzy. Siana was confused at first, but she let me worship her. The smell was magnificent and nice, and I spent the following two hours sniffing Siana´s precious feet.

One week later, I asked her out. Her beautiful skinny body, sexier as the years passed, didn’t grow so much as her feet did. At 17, she had a size 62 EU.

When we first had sex, we saw in the mirror she has in front of her bed the reflection of our feet, and I turned on seeing the size of hers compared to mine.



-Oh, how have I survived today without you?

-Ooooh! You are so sweet… -said Siana with a bit of irony on her voice as I entered home-. Well, it’s not difficult to survive without me, but I know it’s almost impossible to survive without THESE!

Immediately I knelt down and grabbed her size 85 left foot, squeezed into a giant homemade pink cotton sock. I feel its weight, its softness, and above all its smell.

-Sniiif! Oh, honey… Sniiif…

Nowadays Siana, who’s now 18 years and a half, is incredibly beautiful. Her feet are massive, they weigh 14 kilos each one. She can walk quite well as she has developed a pair of huge muscly legs to carry and move her feet.

She loves lying on a towel in our garden, sunbathing and maintain her skin and her feet tanned. She also paints her huge nails once a week, make her own homemade shoes and sandals when she has time, and of course she often smells her own feet too.

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