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So, in spite of popular opinion, I am not actually dead. 

I understand that I haven't really posted here since 2007, and that you DO NOT do that online these days, and I would like to sincerely apologize to those of you who legitimately worried about me. 

To try to explain something complicated simply: we'll just go with the simple fact that during my senior year at RISD, I underwent a rather large "course correction," during which I changed my major focus from concept or fantasy illustration to academic and informative illustration (with a focus on natural history) and museum art fabrication. This was precipitated by the rather nasty experience of my father's relapse with cancer, subsequent bone marrow transplant and difficult recovery. I spent my senior year with my nose to the grindstone (making a specific targeted portfolio), and withdrawing from many parts of my life before that.

Since then my work has been so different that I've been unsure whether or not it had a place among my previous more whimsical works (or on deviantart at all), and my new focus absorbed my full attention to the point that I simply walked away from online self-promotion in favor of joining a team and making real, physical work. 

I am now a principle artist working for a museum art production company here in Minneapolis, Minnesota--Blue Rhino Studio. We produce artwork for museums, zoos, aquariums, visitor/nature/history and cultural centers around the country. I'm part of a small (but mighty!) team of talented people, who I enjoy working with every day (for the most part). The sculptures, dioramas, models, displays, exhibits etc that we produce are usually a product of the team as a whole, so much so, that I have a hard time finding parts that I feel the right to claim individual responsibility for, and thus have not posted much of my current work anywhere online (although I consistently work 40-50 hours/week).

I'm considering posting some things to deviantart again, as I have some personal projects (crafts, sketches, random stuff) that I am doing on the side that I think could belong here. If you get a chance to check out the studio's page or some of these other links, I'd be interested in getting feedback as to whether this type of collaborative work could/should be posted to deviantart (with company watermarks/explanations of my part), or if it just belongs on the company site. 

I am also thinking of posting to tumblr, twitter, or possibly blogspot with current studio work, and I will post that info once I get my ducks in a row.

For now, you can find more information and my professional work:

At my personal site:

And at the Studio's page at, well as in museums, zoos, and visitor centers across the country.

If you'd like to get in contact with me, please use my gmail account (Bzaiken(at), or facebook at

Wow, Thank You!

Sat Feb 24, 2007, 4:22 PM
Daily Dev? Me? Really?

I'm so flattered! I didn't actually know that I had a daily dev until I read a friends note on my lj. :) So thanks, Shoomlah.

I'm always surprised at the pieces that people favor. If I had chosen one to be a DD, it probably wouldn't have been the Tiger Family, but I appreciate it all the same. Thanks to everyone for all the nice comments! It made my day.

Oh, and my hits went over 30k. WOW. O_O

Thanks everybody.

Much Love,

PRINTS are now available!!

Fri Feb 2, 2007, 12:19 AM
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DeviantArt Prints

I set up a print account, due to many requests and also because Balaa got me hooked on having a subscription, and it just expired. SO you can now order high resolution reproductions (and various other goodies) of Elvira's Puppy, In the Canopy, When You're Strange, Mean Girls, PREZ, and Kemsa.

This is a bit of an experiment for me, so please place your orders! :)

I'd also be interested to hear if anyone wants one of the other pieces offered as a print. I just took a selection of the most popular ones, but if there are any other requested prints, just let me know.


Obviously this is the start of another one of my bi-annual updates. Because I'm a big lazy fart I put off updating until I have like 30 pieces to put up, so look for a few more over the next couple days. There's three years worth of murals to post yet and I think I'll put up some selections from my sketchbook as well.

Once I'm back up to date with the art, I'll post a new commissions list and some information about my life for the next few months. Or, alternately you can read about all that crap on my livejournal ( I'm also keeping a sort of winter blog documenting my time here in Minnesota for the next couple months, and that's at (

More to come,

Fall Update...

Sun Oct 8, 2006, 9:54 PM
How do you kill that which has no life?

Well now....I've been out for a bit (obviously) getting into the swing of classes again. Things seem well enough, though there's always that one class that causes undue amounts of stress and frustation for me....I can never just have a calm, routine semester. I'm constantly waging my own personal little war against one of my classes. I'm sure I do it to myself.

Anyhoo, I'm checking in now to say that commissions are officially closed until next summer. So if you were hoping for something to get done before may; sorry, I'm not your girl. It remains to be seen however if I will be getting to some commissions during the month of January. Maybe, we'll see how it works out.

BUT, if you were still interested in getting on my growing waiting list, feel free to email me any time with your ideas or specifics, whatever, and I'll add you on, no problem. Just be aware you probably won't hear from me until I'm ready to start on your piece next summer. :) Again the email is, and please put "art" or "commission" somewhere in the I know you're not just a psychopath trying to sell me more cialis.

Current Project:

Poufy Werewolf; Large Brisco Portrait__________Done soon, I promise!

The Current LIST:

Back to work,

Hey there folks! I'm back at school in RI now (moving in will continue on into next week I'm afraid) and classes start wednesday, so you won't be hearing as much from me. I'm an upperclassmen now, so hopefully things will start to be a little more controlled--as oppossed to the rampant 80-hour weeks I used to put in last year. *crosses fingers* Pray for me, folks.

However, I finally have photos of my recent mural work that you can look for in the days/weeks to come. I'm mostly finished with commissions for the summer, with the exception of one project that will be ongoing for another two or three weeks. The queue remains the same so far, and I'll probably be tied up until after Christmas, but if you still want in on the commissioning-action, feel free to email me anytime and I'll add you to the list.

Current Projects:

Poufy Werewolf; Large Brisco Portrait__________Paid; Painting

The Queue:

Badger (GT)

Much love,
Well folks, I'm leaving on vacation with the 'fam tomorrow morning......strike that. THIS morning, considering I should be waking up in 4 hours. I'm so bad.

Anyway, commissions are coming along but will obviously be paused for the duration of the trip. I'll be back on the 21st, so email will be lacking. I might be able to check it once or twice though if I'm lucky.


Badger: Kemsa Illustration____Painting
PoufyWerewolf: Brisco Painting_____Final design + Board Preparation

The List:


It looks like I might not get to my list by the end of the summer, but if you folks are still interested you'll be the first ones I start once I get the time again. I'll certainly let you know when I can start if that's the case; don't worry I haven't forgotten you.

Take Care All,
Hey folks, just dropping in to give a quick update on my summer progress; which you can also check out on my livejournal, This list is as much for my own benefit as everybody elses.

Current Commissions

Badger: Color Study Bonita       paid, painting
Badger: Kemsa Illustration        paid, sketching
Poufy: Briscoe Painting            1/2 paid, sketching (honestly!)

"The List"

TaniDaReal: Pending
GypsyMoon: Pending
Leopatra: Are you still interested? If so, drop me a note.

If anyone else is still interested in a commission, go check out my previous post here… for commission information and you can be on "the list" too! :)

Much love,
It's May, and I'm done with RISD for the summer, which's commission season! All you kids just chomping at the bit can let out that breath you've been holding since August. SO, here's how it goes down for you folks: take a gander at that list 'o prices, pick out a range or medium you're interested in, and fire off an email to me ( with "commission" somewhere in the title. Introduce yourself, and let me know what you had in mind. Don't be afraid to get specific—detail is very helpful. I'm offering commissions for fully rendered character portraits, or other illustrations and paintings. I like to work with wildlife subjects, or general sci-fi/fantasy, but really I'm open for anything. I prefer to do finished work (I simply find it is more worthwhile personally and for the buyer), and for that reason I'm not offering sketch commissions this year.

Commission: A fee or percentage allowed to a sales representative for services rendered. In other words, ya'll pay me to draw/paint stuff!

Base Prices: (subject to change based on character/complexity)
$35_(Drawn to customer preferred size, on heavy museum/mat board)

Ink: (Lineart, or detail)
$30 _simple characters, small size (8.5 x 11 to 9 x 12)
$45+_increased size, or complex values/environments

Paint: (My personal specialty: fully rendered acrylic works, varnished)
$50-80_Small size (8.5 x 11, or comparable square inch area)
$80-100_Medium size (9 x 12+)
$150+_Large size (16 x 20+)

For multiple characters in a piece, each additional character is $50, approximately.

***All hard copy works will be completed on illustration or museum board, usually mounted to an archival foamcore back, unless otherwise specified by commissioner. (this makes for a finished piece that is more durable, and averages about a quarter inch thick).
***I prefer to work with acrylic paint, but will include any combination of oil, colored pencil, watercolor, or markers as well.
***Pieces on board will be centered to include a 1-inch white border all around to protect the actual work from wear.
Payments will be sent via Paypal (it's fast, international, and very secure), or money order (if neccessary)
I will not draw sexually explicit images, or trademarked characters.
I will not draw styles other than my own.
Final price will vary depending on complexity of image.
I do add on a slight charge for registered shipping.
I will not start on a commission until I have received at least half of the payment.
I am not responsible for any damage incurred through shipping, and I cannot give refunds.

Current Commission Schedule:
Buyer Subject Status

Badger: Dessa Pinup Painting; payment received
A. Deeshan:   Wildlife painting   Sketching; 1/2 payment received

I'll be uploading examples/more art as soon as I can get it decently photographed. (harder than it sounds….damn my small scanner).

I'm out,
It's been a good year so far. I've been doing some really good work (I think) in class this first semester, and I spent my summer painting murals again. Twas a good time.

I don't have much to add here. I never really update, but this entry goes along with a great big art dump from Illustration semester 1. Hope yall enjoy it.

Feel free to message me about whatever. I always like to hear from people. Also, comissions will be open again in May.

Have a good year, everyone!
Well, the year is going better here at RISD than it started out. My Wintersession class rocked, and my second semester is much better than the first. I still haven't got to do any real painting this semester, but I will this summer. I have a bunch of mural jobs I'll be busy with right up until next september. It's hard to believe that the year is almost seems that it's gone so fast. The days are long, though.

Anyway, I logged on last night to find that I had 670 new messages that weren't there on friday. Turns out I had got a Daily Dev--wow. Thanks for all the wonderful comments, everyone. It was really a mood booster when I was feeling down. :) But I am a little suprised that it was the Lord Byron piece and not one of the other two recent ones...I actually like those better. But I can never tell what will go over well.

Thanks for the support--I'll update when I get home to Minnesota in 2.5 weeks!
I've been in college for a couple months now. I'm here at the Rhode Island School of Design, with a bunch of incredibly talented artists, including (to my great surprise) the infamous Shoomlah. We met up at orientation and I was totally shocked that she went here! It certainly helped to cheer me up around orientation time, which was otherwise sort of scary.

Anyway, things are going well enough. I'm not exactly having a blast with my classes, especially drawing (see RIP chimp), but hopefully things will pick up next semester. RISD is a great school, I'm sure, but I'm having trouble simply because I'm too artistically conservative......which is new to me. I've never been the most conservative anything back home in Minnesota, but I sure feel like a hick out here in New England.

Did anyone see this guy's speech last night at the GOP convention? Or, better yet, his interview on Hard Ball? Good lord, and I thought that Rumsfeld was the scary one. Anyway, I am convinced that Zell is the new Anti-Christ. He is the kind of person I had hoped could never actually be real. We better all be good little Democrats, or Zell is going to come and beat the tar out of our collective rears. This guy must be the driving reason they have body guards for the Kerry family.

Zell Miller on Hard Ball: "I wish I lived in the days when you could challenge someone to a duel."

I just want to say: thank God that there's someone out there scary enough to evoke the Dark Ages on our collective Pansy-Democrat-Asses.  I know where I stand to you, Zell. How dare we field a candidate?! How dare we? And in an election year no less! I tell you, John Kerry must be a truly horrible man. I mean, look how evil he is. He's raised lovely girls, served in the (God blessed!) US military and won 3 flippin PURPLE HEARTS. He must secretly be a…..a......vegetarian or something. Or worse yet….a PUPPY KICKER! God FORBID we let him anywhere near the White House! (That was sarcasm if you couldn't tell.)

This year's Republican Convention has made me fear for the country all over again. Hell, I'm afraid for my life. I can only hope that we don't head down this road any more than we already have.
I just got back from the Illustrators of the Future award week in Hollywood California--and it was a blast! I can't think of a better week of my life. I got to meet big people in the business, made new friends, and met up with fellow illustrators and writers from around the world. How cool is that?

Anyway, I now have two of my illustrations published in this year's "L. Ron Hubbard presents Writers of the Future, volume XX." Go check it out in bookstores soon! I'm the youngest illustrator to become a finalist in the over 20 year history of the contest. Garsh.

If you're interested in entering (which I encourage all of you to do) or just want more information, you can go check out the website here:
Well well, I am being brave. I went and joined Devart. I've always been rather intimidated by just seemed to personal, what with the journal entries and all the other personal information. It forced me to expose myself. *gasp* Well, here I am.

*Shrug* I apologise ahead of time for the slow updates and lack of new material. I anticipate that I'll have relatively little time for new art until the summer. Until then, just enjoy what I do upload. Or go check out my elfwood site.