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February 24, 2007
Sabertooth Family by ~Damalia caught my eye because I'm a big tiger fan. What really impressed me with this painting are the rich textures and total control of colors used. If you didn't browse her gallery by digital selection, you'd swear this was another one of her traditional works, the crossover mastery is incredible.
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Sabertooth Family

I took a digital illustration class this semester as well. I found that I already new a good deal of it, but it was nice to brush up on some old techniques. This was part of one of our first practice projects, I just thought it was sort of cute. It's a decent representation of my digital painting work, in any case.

Megantereon Cultridens based on golden-tabby tigers.

Photoshop and pencil sketch.
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Amazing just amazing!
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Between being a tiger fan, and a sabertooth fan this picture is wonderful to behold a gaze too. The line detail is simply, and purely amazing. It's rather hard to place into any other words to suggest anything different. Now, on another note. Being a mother and having two sons, this picture grabbed my attention mainly for that reason. I have always wanted to see a picture of a mother with two cubs. This is so perfect, on so many levels. I just can't describe. I just had to add this to my Favourites, and also made this now my desktop wallpaper. I love this. I don't plan on looking around any more for the perfect wallpaper for my computer. I can hardly wait to link others back here to your gallery. Lovely work. Job well done, and you need to be recognized. 
This is just fantastic. I love the colors and attention to detail.
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This is gorgeous! I love how you've done the fur, and the lighting of it is truly beautiful. :)
saberthooth cannot have white coloured cubs because they don't have the genes
this is not a picture of the actual saberthooth family the female should have 8 inch fangs
Jjaga's avatar
I love this! I really got to learn digital painting. consider this one favorited.
thats soo beautiful
Jei-Dinofelini's avatar
omg this is amazing
i used to have a cup with these tigers!
when i looked at this i was like
hey i know this from somewhere
anyways this is very beautiful!
Hawkfeather2798's avatar
D'awww, they're all so cute! <33 Well done, especially with the detail and the fur!
Safyia's avatar
My absolute favorite animal <3 It is a wonderful picture with many details ! I love it!
Ellygator's avatar
Has an amazing traditional feel to the textures and color values!
I love it, Very nice!
this si great! though did you know white tigers are formed through inbreeding of tigers? w=yeah in fact somepeople purposeully do that for profit. they also usually die young, and i probably just ruined htis for everyone. lol sorry ^_^
Spelthi's avatar
it's incredible!
Beatriz13's avatar
oh my god!! sooo perfect!!! *-*
TRGamer8's avatar
Soo beautiful artwork, like it :love:
xrainstorm's avatar
Very beautiful painting, but I was just wondering if you might have gotten inspiration from the artist Guy Coheleach, here: [link]
That's one of his pictures, it's exactly the same...just curious. :D
EvaKa-Chan's avatar
I truly adore your art :love:
j0rosa's avatar
This is digital art??? WOW!!! Just amazingly well done !!!
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