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Another product of my wintersession--some quick concepts of my Alien race. No name yet, but they're pretty cute. A semi-quadrupedal librarian-like alien, fur patterns based on cornsnake markings....
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It looks so cool!
Furrynation13's avatar
I think you should name after yourself since your the creator. Maybe play around with your last name?

Zaikeihn, Zhaikin, Zaeken or something along those lines? :)
littlemonkeygirl8's avatar
It is soooo flippin cute! :D
Rjalker's avatar
ooh, it's pretty!
meekothedragones's avatar
i love how it has glasses :3
Miapet's avatar
Sir. You have arms in your armpits. *shot*

Srsly though, very cool concept.
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Since they are your own original design, why not call them the "Damalia?"
Jackie-Pancake's avatar
Ooh! That's such a cute little alien! I hope they really look like that. ^-^
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Wow, I really love hybrids and creature-creations, and this one is very cool! I really love the glasses and the idea of it being a librarian of glowy books. Sorta strange how it isn't exactly a taur because the "arms" are set behind the forelegs, eliminating the extra upper-body (thankfully). Really love it a lot!
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hehee, I just love those glasses^^
Kth-dragon's avatar
I really like these guys..... you'll have to provide us with some info on them soon so we can know more about them. -..^
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Hmm.. looks pretty interesting. :D
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