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Ambrose and Angelina

One of the first commissions of the summer, a medium-sized acrylic painting for Arania. She wanted her characters shown having a quiet evening together watching television. :)

Acrylic on Board, 9"x12"
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656x864px 667.02 KB
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1/39 second
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7 mm
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Jan 1, 2003, 12:02:28 AM
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Such a sweet and lovely picture. Seeing all those pizza boxes though -- she ate the pizzas, and he ate the delivery boy?

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The Dreame app is using this picture to promote their werewolf stories on FaceBook. Just thought you should know.

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I love this. I realize this is a commission to someone who is not me -- but -- is there any chance of a higher-resolution scan?
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Love this one! 
Btw as a plot twist in my mind, He's try to embrace her before to eat :p 
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I lost the ONE Female who loved my Male side, my Dog in me,..., I saw this years ago, and it has happily haunted my thots ever since. Nice to see an image that celebrates the animal that all Males have and the appreciation from their Females for it. TherianThot
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I saw this picture from another site 10 years ago, and I've been looking for the original source of this for 10 years. Now I finally found it. Thanks for the great pic.
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Tv Tropes brought me here too :)
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Your Deviation is on TV Tropes.
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...I'm immediately reminded of Florence Ambrose... An anthropomorphized, genetically engineered wolf. How fitting.
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I first found this years ago when I was in middle school :D So much nostalgia in this pic. I thought it was weird how the sky looked; like it was more like a giant pitch black creature with a small glowing eye looking in at them than the night sky. But it's great :nod:
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Fafnir says. This is really cute. I like the scenario here very much. Gret job and so peaceful. I like it. Fave +
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"A Gentleman Is Simply A Patient Wolf"  - Lana Turner   (I am very patient!)  Just really love this work,...., A LOT!  -TT
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so lifelike...
I have to say, the collar on Angelina was a nice ironic touch
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A truly Male image and the Female who loves him. Man I love this image!
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This is a really lovely and romantic piece of art here.
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O_O So beautiful...
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This is how "Little Red Riding Hood" should have ended
This is awesome!

I particularly like how you capture her facial expression and his body language.

The woman's body might be contorted just a bit oddly -- on the other hand, I haven't stretched out against any anthromorphic lupines (or is the proper term 'canids' these days?) recently, so I'm not certain.

I've encountered a number of pics with a furry and a normal human together, but usually the artist does furries brilliantly but has trouble with normal humans or does humans quite well but has trouble with anthropomorphic characters.  However, you handle both types well.

It's also wonderful to see a female figure whose body has believable human proportions.
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