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I wish all my friends, watchers and visitors great happiness, satisfaction in their work and hobbies, excellent health, harmony in relationships, love and serenity.

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My dear watchers,

At last I'm back after a long stay in Belarus! I've missed you so much, my dear friends, watchers and visitors! I had limited access to deviantArt and I've forlorn you a lot: of that I'm very sorry.
Between yesterday evening and today, I've spent some time going through your works as well as comments: it was a bit tyring, given the amount of notifications, but it was good nonetheless. It felt like coming back home.
I apologise to all who faved my works in the meantime: I just had to shut down the notifications and I couldn't thank you all individually; thus, I thank you all publicly here and I promise you I'll be back to looking at your art, as well as publishing my new photos, with even more enthusiasm than before. Just give me a little time!

I really love you all and I've missed you!


For some time I can not often on our site. :(
Dear friends, visitors and fans of my works, I remember and love all of you. As soon as I get the opportunity, I will come back to you!
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:heart: Five thousand visitors of my favorite photo. Thanks, thanks, thanks!!! :heart:

Angel of Grief II by DamaInNero
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We can be Christians, Jews, Buddhists, agnostics, believe (or not believe) in a reward for our good behaviour: it is paradise, the forgiveness of sins, reincarnation or something else. But I just cannot agree to the fact that Islam is the only religion that rewards the killing of innocents, and this award is not some abstract, unknown bliss, but sex – carnal pleasure , the most powerful impulse that prevents the disappearance of life on Earth. There, the pleasure is only for the murderer and he doesn't even consider this "object" of pleasure – namely, the 72 virgin women forced to give him pleasure. However you look at it, Islam is sadistic, both in life and after death!

Можно быть христианином, иудеем, буддистом, агностиком, верить (или не верить) в премию за хорошее поведение: будь то рай, прощение грехов, реинкарнация или что-то другое. Но нельзя не согласиться с фактом, что ислам – единственная религия, которая премирует убиение невинных, и премия эта не что-то приятное, но неизвестное, абстрактное, непознанное при жизни, а секс – плотское удовольствие, самое мощное влечение, которое не позволяет исчезнуть жизни на Земле. Опять же: удовольствие только для убийцы, ни сколько не считающегося с 72 девами, «предметом», должным доставить это удовольствие ему. Как ни крути, а ислам это садизм, и при жизни, и после смерти!

Possiamo essere cristiani, giudei, buddisti, agnostici, credere (o non credere) nel premio per la nostra buona condotta: sia esso il paradiso, il perdono dei peccati, la reincarnazione o qualcosa altro. Ma non si può non convenire al fatto che l'islam è l'unica religione che premia l'uccisione degli innocenti, e questo premio non è un qualcosa di piacevole ma ignoto, astratto, sconosciuto nella vita, ma il sesso - il piacere carnale, il più potente impulso che impedisce la sparizione della vita sulla Terra. E ancora: il piacere è tutto solo per l'assassino, che non considera affatto "l'oggetto" che gli debba procurare il piacere – le 72 vergini. Da qualsiasi parte guardi, l'islam è sadismo, sia in vita sia dopo la morte!
:( (Sad) :( (Sad) :( (Sad) 
Hello to all my friends, watchers, favers and passers by!

I'd like to thank each and every one of you for your continuous support of my work, and especially those who spend time going through and giving me feedback also on less recent photos. It is amazing to see that photos I have taken years ago still touch other people's hearts! Thank you so much, this truly makes me grateful!

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Tonight I joined my first photography exhibition! It was a group exhibition organised in a public space in Alghero and gathered some local photographers, including my son, GothicNarcissus.
When I received the invitation to join the exhibition, I couldn’t believe it! Each artist could only show four works and the choice felt like giving birth to triplets! I couldn’t choose because I love each of my photos like children, so I decided to tribute the local audience: I chose two photos of the place I live in, and then two I love very much and which represent my “genre” of choice.
The exhibition will stand until May 23rd.

Our photo exhibition extended for another two weeks, an unexpected success!
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I would like to thank everybody who shared with me my pain for the loss of my cat Murka. It means a lot to me in this moment.

Hello, my watchers!

I would like to thank each and every one of you who supported my project in celebration of the Remembrance Day of the Holocaust which occurred in Europe under Nazi occupation during World War Two. I really believe it is important to remember such events in order for such an atrocity never to happen again, to no people on Earth. The future always has foundations in the past, and as long as we keep memory alive we can learnt from our mistakes and try to make the world at least a little bit better.

In Memoriam by DamaInNero  Our Memories, Your Only Grave by DamaInNero  Reminiscence by DamaInNero  Esecution by DamaInNero  Juden Raus by DamaInNero  Arbeit macht frei by DamaInNero  Yzkor by DamaInNero

Unfortunately, not only not everybody seems to share my point of view, either in general or about these historical facts which, I think, have been proved beyond any confutation, but they even go as far as taking their hatred out on innocent people. In the past days some very serious things happened in Italy, the country in which I have resided for over thirty years.
Someone anonymously sent three boxes to the Synagogue, the Remembrance Museum and the Israeli embassy in Rome, each containing a pig head. This happened right before the beginning of the Shabbat and subsequent Remembrance Day. It was no random prank or tasteless joke, but a very deliberate and carefully planned action aimed to disrespect the memory of those who perished during the Holocaust and the Jews who live in Italy today.
I am not religious, nor am I even a Jew myself, but this events made me sick. This gratuitous disrespect makes me feel deeply disgusted and ashamed on behalf of my fellow compatriots. I can totally relate to the Jewish people not only because, looking objectively back at history they are the people who suffered the most out of any historical event affecting Europe, but also because my own people, the Belarusians, were to endure a totally similar fate during the Nazi occupation: the Belarusians were to be obliterated without leaving any trace, and one out of four of them died either during the war or in concentration camps. My own father were deported to and survived a concentration camp in Finland during the war, while my mother narrowly avoided that because the partisan mayor of her village falsified the documents of those who were to turn old enough to be deported. This tragedy directly affected my family just one generation prior me, so it is still recent history and a relevant topic today. Moreover, my thought goes to those Italian who were forced to leave their families behind and go into hiding to fight the fascist regime and try to free their own country: not only the events of the last days disrespected the Jewish people, or those like the Belarusians who were to share their fate, but also the Italians who died fighting the injustice their government bestowed upon them.

I do not justify or tolerate such hate, nor do I understand such a lack of historical perspective. When there is a war, nobody wins except hate. There are so many more victims than one might think: not only those who were persecuted, not only those who fight against the regimes, not only the soldiers who die because of other people's orders, but also civilians who have to endure hardships, bombings, injustice committed before their eyes, or the stigma of relatives who took part in the atrocities. Everybody ends up a loser in a war, and while the Remembrance Day focuses on those who suffered the most during those events, it actually reminds us of everybody who had to suffer because of the hate. The events which occurred in Italy last Friday and Saturday are an insult to all of us. Even though I am as far as I can be from those who did that, I want to apologise on behalf of all Italians.
Hello, my dears!

I will never thank you enough for all the support you give me! I'm really honoured that you like my works so much!
I also love to browse through other artists' works and I do it gladly, so you don't have to thank me each time. On the one hand, it is a pleasure to me to do so, on the other I don't know English well enough to reply to you properly.

I am always glad to receive comments and critique to my work, though (in which case I will ask my son to read it for me and reply): I always try to improve myself and comments on my works help me do so. Personally I'm very picky when I choose photos for publication, so this would help me improve the standards of my work even more.
Speaking of this subject, I have recently reorganized my gallery with the new sub-folder system, so now I have, for instance, all Italy or Belarus photos in the same folder, and then sub-folders for each place I visited. I will do so also for Israel in time. This makes browsing trough my works easier, so you're welcome to have a look at my older works too. ;)

Cheers and best wishes to everybody!
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