Small update (rant) since I've been so silent lately. After a shit ton of problems with my 7 year old computer (hardware errors) I decided that it was finally time to put the poor old thing to rest. So I ordered a new computer. Turned out it didn't work. After much debating with the helpdesk (read; me calling them every name under the sun and threatening lawsuits until they finally put their ass to work) I got to send it in for repairs. But because corona is the go-to excuse for even online companies to be slow as hell these days, it can take another couple of weeks before it gets to work. Meanwhile I'm running my old PC with one (faulty) piece of RAM removed because it doesn't want to start up otherwise. And it's slow as hell. Needless to say, this didn't leave me in the best of moods... so that's why I've been mostly off social media :)

/end rant

Edit: Added a picture adequately describing my state of mind


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ahh damn i was wondering what the heck happened to you since i haven't seen you posting on instagram for crap.

i am so sorry you had to go through that shite, but yes even till this day these fools use the dieases as an excuse to not do their job -_-

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I'm sorry you had a difficult time dealing with a 7-year-old computer and their customer service (the help desk) at that time. I hope you do the best you can to get a new computer to replace the old one, but I hope everything will be sorted out soon...

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Is it just the web mobile version that does not show the content or did they put a character limit ?

RIP old PC. What is the brand you bought, just in case ?

And that's what I like about having a desktop pc made by myself. You know what's in and you can change a part if you ever have a big issue with it. On the con side, you've got a desktop pc.

Good luck with those shenanigans, it always suck...

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Even the darkest of days must pass so the sun can shine through. It's sad how many companies use the Corona as an excuse when they truly are too lazy to resolve the situation themselves! We'll wait for however long it takes to see your amazing art again. We're patient. Best of luck, Damai! Take a deep breath and set aside some time for yourself. You've earned it. ❤️

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Don't worry. I can still write :D

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I'm sorry to hear you've been having such a difficult time with your computer;; Hope you get things worked out soon! In the meantime, I hope you get some time to destress from these issues and life/art in general - stay strong ♡

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I'm so sorry that this happened to you. I hope that things get better for you, and I hope your computer problems get resolved soon.

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When you get your PC back I hope it will be everything you wanted. More ram, a strong cpu / gpu is great for digital art. No lag and big canvases. ♥

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Oh god, that helpdesk thing is insane. I pity that poor sap XD

And of course my condolences about your computer.

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I know the feels I wrote my first book on this POS, the thing keeps having 'low battery' if I move it wrong and turning off, stupid laptop your plugged in! Anyway, I am getting a new one soonish but you have to do what you have to do.

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I know the feeling. My computer of a few years broke a few months ago. It got repaired soon after. a few weeks it kept crashing until it stopped working. I now have to use a hand me down laptop for everything.

On the plus side I got some reading down while it opened.

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Lol. I'm quite tech savvy so I can usually fix computer stuff, but when hardware fails there's little you can do. I did pick up a lot of reading lately, just like you. Hope it'll at least inspire me to do a bit of storytelling later on. Hahaha

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I'm sure it will. I myself expanded on my comic book stuffs. I know have a favorite character

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Damn, that sucks! Sometimes technology seems to fail all time at once to makes us go into a living hell

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That's a major bummer. In fact, Major Bummer probably signed and stamped the approval letter.

I'm sorry, that really sucks :(. Wish I could help.

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it sucks when we’re abandoned by technology, and it’s even worse these days.

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Oof man, that sucks. I wish you luck in these trying times

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Hope your computer will get fixed
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I'm really sorry to read that... take care, and I hope they will be faster than expected with the repairs...

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I'm sorry for your loss

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I hope at least Pepper got better...

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Yep. She's fine these days.

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