Sorry I've been so quiet when it comes to posting art. I'm having some problems with my (drawing) PC lately.

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Ah, that sucks :( Especially if it's beyond fixing.

Time to experiment with traditional art, perhaps...

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It's too old to find proper replacement parts

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Too bad :/ Was it a big-ass computer with amazing specs? If yes, I can imagine the frustration. (I'm one of those whose use 400€ laptops. Those things are almost disposable: when it dies, you buy another one, for repairing it would be far more expensive than buying a brand new one).

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Well... yes. It was a high end PC at the time, build it myself. But it's almost 8 years old at this point and has been running almost non-stop, so it's just worn out.

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I've been silent for a few days because I've been too busy with my recent art and having horrible sleep problems, so you're not alone.

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i have so much problems with mine, artlabshq,

it is broken, catching dust .. waiting for

room, time to .. .. .. GVD! ..

good luck.

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Hey, no worries! Hope your pc stops being dumb soon

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I think I need a new one

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Oof, that sucks. In the mean time, you could post a sketch dump or something from paper. That could be fun. Hang in there!

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take care, good luck with the repairs!

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Hope it gets fixed aaa. Good luck!! >.<

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