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"The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else's highlight reel" 

There's so much truth in this quote.

I can remember signing up to this website quite a number of years ago. I used to be among the best artists at school, but compared to most artists here... I absolutely sucked!
So I guess I did the thing that most people do when they first publish their shit on the world wide web and realize they aren't nearly as good at they thought they are; I got depressed and ragequit art for a while. Then I got back to drawing and lamented the fact that I wasn't among those insanely talented people (which, admittedly, I sometimes still do XD).

The funny thing is that I created entire scenario's in my head about those 'art idols'. About how amazing it would be that they could draw anything they want. About how people would naturally flock around them because they had skills. About how they earned big bucks by selling their art. About how good it must feel to have millions of people tell you you're awesome every single day. About how popular they must be and how easy it must be for them to make friends, find a relationship... and all that stuff. And of course about how they would never EVER answer my messages because my art sucked and they probably thought I was a loser of some sort.

It's funny how we think all of that bullshit is true, while in reality most of it isn't. 

Just like television, social media presents us with images that are only partly true. We show the highlights, but not the lows. We show the most amazing artworks we make, but not the countless of failed sketches we threw away, or the hundreds of boring practice exercises we did in order to even get to that point. We show the days that we're inspired to draw and do well, but we don't show the days that we feel depressed and want to quit art because we feel like we'll never improve.

It would be a sobering experience people did that, though.

Over time I've received some of the 'art idol' messages that I used to send my art idols years ago. It weirds me out somewhat.
To think that people send me messages they want to be like me (Believe me, you don't), that they assume I can draw anything (I wish I could), that they assume everybody likes me (You can never ever please everybody, keep that in mind) and my whole life is freaking amazing just because I can draw (Again, nope... sorry guys -- I do have fun while making art, though). And perhaps the worst of 'em; that I don't answer their messages because I think lowly of them (Seriously... you should just SEE the massive backlog my inbox has these days XD)

What I wanted to say, is to take the above quote to heart.

If you want to compare yourself to anyone, compare the current you to the former you. Because nobody knows you, your life and your personal circumstances better than you do. 
If you're doing better than before, congrats! You're on the right path. If not, then get to work and make sure that you will! :huggle:

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This is very good. I love the Iceberg illusion It really shows what its all about!
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That was wonderful! You should be a motivational speaker
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This is so true that it hurts. Thank you for the motivation and encourage.
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That there is a fine statement.  Good job helping even those of us who've been around too long to remember what it is we're really trying to accomplish.  Thanks for your nugget of wisdom!
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Thank you for this. So encouraging.
wurdsalad's avatar
Thank you for this.
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I find myself guilty of this. Some of my art, I am so proud of. But not a single comment...
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thanks  for that, so true :hug:
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I think we compare ourselves and others too often instead of just being who we are, ''real.'' ✌ 
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Haha, your first bit was so me, I thought I could never get better, and it actually stopped me from creating for a while... I still look at art and sadly wish I was that good, but now I tell myself to stop and I go draw and draw and try new things and do studies until I forget that feeling because I'm having to much fun!:w00t: Compared to the artist I was, I've really grown, and I will continue to do so!

The artists I look up to are all just like me, they worked hard and likely freaked out about not being good enough, and likely many still are freaking out! I think no matter how good we become, we will always see a new horizon that we haven't reached.

Thank you again for your always uplifting journals!:aww:
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Thank you... This is mighty helpful. :heart: :hug:
Relic-Angel's avatar
Oh wow. Major confidence boost. :w00t!: Thanks for putting this out there. :heart:
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good text, very well written and very inspirational, thank you! Hug 
ChicaXtoybonnie's avatar
Thank you...also thx for the llama! 3D Llama Badge 
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Silent cry  I... I really needed this today. If I go a full day without sighing enviously about at least ONE amazing piece of art I see, I'd be shocked.

This was a nice reminder that they're all human too... thank you for this, Damai! 
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This was what I needed to hear today.
ArtloidMinori's avatar
*cries* this is really inspiring thank you so much, i have to be reminded almost every day about this, i feel like falling down but i hope i can do great things now that i read this thank you once again :D
Eternal-turns-magic's avatar
So true! Thanks for sharing this! I'm facing a lot of self doubt these days, and it's nice to be reminded this :) :heart: cheers!
HaruKuCha's avatar
That is so true though.. I've been thinking something like that awhile ago, but thankfully, I saw this article.Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1]  
Now this really encouraged me Hug  Heart 
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I use my self-hate in my favor, to an extent. I see so many artists around me content with where they are and never really STRIVING to improve. I don't want to be like that, but I do think I push myself a little too much... I recently finished a piece that I was actually REALLY proud of, I saw a lot of mistakes and areas to improve, but I was SO happy with it. As I was submitting it cursed DA gave me examples of other airbrushed art from this site.
I was crushed.
Once again, I felt the insane driving urge to improve because I wasn't good enough. A part of me knows that I will never be good enough.
But I can always keep trying, and I always will... But I don't want to only compare myself to my old art, I've seen that I can improve, but I need to be challenged by other artist's who have freakishly amazing art skills...

Anyways, if I think about this too much I'm going to get upset and find myself unable to draw again.
Keep on making art all you people out there! God bless.
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i feel the same i made a journal thingy about this
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the way you feel before the improvement i feel right now the same thing
i feel like i never improve cause it is so hard to find the right way and the right way to do it
and i to feel like i bother all those good artists with my stupid questions i must be seen as some kinda loser with my crappy art

i sometimes get fake fanmail people tell me they like my art or watch me and then in a view days later they have unwatch me or i never hear from them again
i am thinking about making a journal about it cause i hate people who lie to me just be honest you like my art? or you totally hate it?
just be honest with me geez i hate people sometimes
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