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Pont au Change 1400s


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Mini Tutorial: Hair 01


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Pont au Change 1400s


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Alpine Morning


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The lessons we learn

Curled stubby fingers around your impeccable pristine work shoes My head bowed gaze averted from carmine smearing a rumpled white collar Low on hands and scraped knees I curve a dusty smile in mock defiance We are fragmented parts masquerading as whole


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[IDV] Freedom


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OC meme


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5 minute artist meme


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Lighting Tutorial


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Art And Money

I received a great question from a deviant recently regarding an important and not visible enough topic; art & money. With their permission, I'm sharing it and my answer here in the hopes it's of value. Hi ekud! My name is *****. I see you are an experienced freelance Illustrator and Art Director also from Australia, and I am working towards a career similar to yours. As an aspiring full-time digital illustrator I hope you don't mind if I kindly ask your advice on a work offer I have recently received...? With my experience lying almost exclusively in single piece commission works I am unsure of whether to accept or decline and unfortunately live in a location with no access to experienced artists to ask their opinion. Someone I trust has offered 50% of profits made from a project they would write (and I would Illustrate) for them for 'free'. I'd love to work on it for experience and practise but don't know if one would suggest against working before payment, or suggest spending


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Tagged by my dear @Mai22Hikari and taken some questions from @HaruRyomaru86 Who are you and what do you do? I'm Kikka, I'm a portuguese self-taught and inconsistent artist XD I always drew traditionally as far as I remember but only began to draw more "seriously" in 2016. I consider myself more a traditional artist because my basis are traditional, though I've started to draw digitally in 2017/2018 so right now I do some mixed media art. What made you pick your DA Username? It's the username I created 10 (or maybe more) years ago. I loved K's back then so I changed the consonants of my first name with K's and added one more (just to be different from other Kika's XD) and I shortened my last name to "Ribas" but for some reason it felt weird (Kikka Ribas haha) so I changed to Kibaz instead. And back then I thought we always have to mention "The" before a name in English so.. there you go.. TheKikkaKibaz Are you Right or Left Handed?   Right handed  Current Celebrity Crush ?


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Face Variety Challenge Wolfie

Facevariety Challenge

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Flat art: The Mountains

Comfort-break challenge

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Draw Again Meme 2015-2016

2016 Improvement challenge

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My OC With Pinkie Pie Plushie (Improvement Meme)

2017 Improvement challenge

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