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The religious people referred to it Nezharan, their equivalent to hell, the place of eternal suffering. To the others it was simply known as 'the pit', the deepest point of what was now Osovanye. It was a place of death and despair, the most heavily polluted place in Darkai, and a place no human being should be allowed to even set foot in. It was the place where the old power plant dumped their radioactive waste for years, before they found out how leaky their containers were and abandoned the place altogether. Now it wasn't their problem anymore. They denied it ever even happened. Instead they blamed it on the poor people, that had no other place to live but deep down in the city where the ground was poisonous but housing was cheap. Having brought down there as a child by his father, Moriz had no other place to live but there. He spend his childhood frequently feeling sick, but even that couldn't dampen his curiosity. The religious people didn't know about the poison. They simply accepted their fate as God's judgment. Moriz didn't. No god would ever allow people to die such a gruesome death, so he was determined to find out what happened, and find a cure. 

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Moriz from my Emion project. 
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this kinda puts me in mind of what is going on right now

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Once again a strong motif with atmospheric intensity. Although I also appreciate your commissions, you can reach a completely different level of mood and excitement by drawing your own characters. But that's not unusual because you are familiar with them in a very special way. And of course Moriz is the cool guy who always cuts a good figure in action, even when it gets dangerous... ;)

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My own works mostly have a story to then, where commissions are just characters. I think that's the difference ^^

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That's true. Your own characters are also more dynamic in action and act in a more atmospheric environment, which you also specified through the story. And I think that Sato and Moriz are always portrayed particularly outstandingly by you. Charismatic frontrunners... Perhaps this, in direct comparison with the current commissions, which I also like, reinforces this impression ... ^^

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It's nice to hear people actually enjoy the story. Also... to hear they think Sato and Moriz are charismatic, hahaha. Both of them are such troubled characters XD

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Yeah, but also think of the visual side: They are damn good looking troubled characters. ^^ And, if I got it right, Aiden seems to be more malicious than either of them. He only hides his true nature behind this charming facade. Isn't it so?

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Hahaha. It wasn't even my intention to make them really good looking. Sato is a rather introverted kid, and Moriz is supposed to be a bit of a nerd. Aiden is in the story the one with the most fans. He's smart, rich, powerful, and seems to have it all. He's not intentionally malicious. He's just lacking in the consciousness-department, which makes him follow his own plans at any cost -- sometimes at the cost of others

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Yep. I fully agree with you on Sato and Moriz. I think the 'charming front runner' impression comes from the fact that the two stay calm and cool in almost every situation (it seems so...) and that you often portray them in the same way. Thank you very much for the background information about Aiden. :)

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They mostly seem calm from the outside. Inside they're probably panicking. Lol. At least Sato can be a ball of stress, but still have a good poker face. Moriz is more like the rational type. He knows keeping a clear mind is the only way to deal with things. And then there's Aiden. That man truly knows no fear. Hahaha XD

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Wow, this is really tragic
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Another cool DamaiMikaz-Artwork ;)
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Reminds me a lot of “romantically apocalyptic” love it

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Well, Moriz seems like the ideal person to cure this virus :D

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He would've been. He actually tries to cure sick people in his story
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Yeah, I figured from what you've already shared about him! He'd cure us in no time!

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Not sure if he could, but he would certainly try
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I see Moriz. I click. I cry because he is a sad boi >-<

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