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Triangles and distorted worlds

Even long after the events in 5178 it kept haunting him. Feelings of guilt over what happened, perhaps? For the people he couldn't save? Was he still capable of having such feelings, even after all they did to him?
Work in Azatz wasn't the same after the disaster. On the outside it remained. The same cold and endless nights of snow, the same long days spend in his lab working on his research. Trying to decipher the data on the black box. But the few precious remaining vials of blood gave him an eerie feeling as he held on to them. As if he were being watched. As if something was looking down on him, watching his every move, judging him. Moriz had never needed much sleep, but he had even less of it after 5178. When he did fall asleep, he had restless dreams about him wandering through a distorted landscape. A place that felt strange, but eerily familiar to him at the same time. At times he met those children. Fourteen -- He knew there was two of them now. One of them tried to approach him. The other, the one that wore the triangle, just watched. His stare cold and judgmental, as if he wanted to say "that's what you get for getting yourself involved, you foolish man".

The moral of the story: Don't mess with the triangles.

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Moriz and Fourteen from my Emion project. 
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where is triangle?

Cowblood's avatar

I don’t mean this in a offence way but he looks like a depressed Harry Potter. Nice art 👍

PlatinaSi's avatar
The subdued colors and occasional glitch-ish effects really add to the unnerving atmosphere, beautiful work! :love:
(also I would give anything for more Moriz and Triangle Children art hehehe)
DamaiMikaz's avatar
Unfortunately they haven't exactly take a liking to each other. They kids are creepy. Lol XD
PlatinaSi's avatar
That's too bad |D but that could also mean we get to see more unsettling art of their dynamics? :eyes:
DamaiMikaz's avatar
Believe it or not, but there's a point Moriz rather avoids them. Hahaha
MiniMoon23's avatar
I really do enjoy your art style, though I feel you could enhance the expressions some. No matter the situation every character seems to be neutral. Otherwise, it's beautifully painted and the anatomy is wonderful!
Burksaurus's avatar
Wow, this looks great.
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
Nice job drawing this^^ Especially the perspective~ Have you drawn action scenes before? I'm sure you'd be good at it, you have a great understanding on Perspective.
DamaiMikaz's avatar
Heh. I tried before, but I wasn't that good at it. I still don't know what I'm doing with perspective ^^
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
Ah I see. It's all good. Just keep doing your thing then~
Katrinava's avatar
Epic. Love it. So much.
Mintech0's avatar

This has a strong composition. Love the cold tones and the atmosphere :D

Ghost-Freak's avatar
i absolutely love this one ^^
Xender1500's avatar
Very creepy and cinematic. Good job! Makes me think of horror games
DamaiMikaz's avatar
cinematic was totally what I was going for :D
BeakTVArt's avatar
Really amazing art and the story is really amazing :)
Great atmosphere too. Great work :)
DamaiMikaz's avatar
BeakTVArt's avatar
You're welcome ;)
DragonWriter664's avatar
I love the chill of this's so well-executed.

Thank you, DA front page, for actually showing me a great, respectable piece of art for once.
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