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The kid from the undercity

Between the ever present violence and the hazardous levels of radiation, growing up in the undercity was harsh. It was already hard for an esper child, let alone for someone without any powers, such as Moriz. Though things got better when the local priest needed a new medic, and he decided to take up on the offer. It was by no means an easy job, seeing people die before his very eyes. There was only so much one could do to ease the symptoms of cancerous radiation, after all. But the job did come with certain benefits, and a certain level of respect. And it was good practice for his later career as a doctor. 

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Moriz from my Emion project. 
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ah the boy is back with his snazzy hair-do xDD the lighting here is really awesome though and gives almost a tense/somber feeling to the piece and when paired with the description it feels very fitting. I couldnt imagine what he and the other Undercity residents had to go through 
Amazing work!!
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Yeah. It's not really an environment for kids to grow up in 
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A tremendous motive. It has this somber tone and the light adds perfectly a dynamic component and situational tension. Maybe you should really turn your Emion project into a comic book one day. I would buy it, though I would have to learn Dutch to read it. I think the way you describe your characters fits perfectly with the graphic design of your motifs. It is one thing to have a good story, the other thing is to let your own enthusiasm for it skip through the design to the viewer. You have got this talent, you are absolutely passionate about your story.

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I am absolutely in love with the lighting and background here. <3
Also yay for more Moriz art!!!
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Hahah. You're such a fan :heart:
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Through and through! :icontuzkiloveplz:
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Great job on this piece
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The outlines ad lighting are clean here! It looks great!
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He should have kept the hairstyle

somehow it works with the glasses
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I don't think it would've worked in corporate business, though XD
KittyLoverSakura's avatar

but it would've been worth a shot, right?
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Not in the place he's from. Corporate is pretty strict there ^^
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at least he got to be cool for a while
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Lol. And all that because of the hair XD
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Nice one.

He seems troubled in this one
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Can't blame him
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Oh woow, is it just me or Moriz here looks more stylish? :p I like the more "sharpen" style of the drawing and the blue-red coloring
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Moriz has always been sort of stylish
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Great drawing^^ I like the hairstyle especially~
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