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Teenage Aiden

At seventeen years of age, there wasn't much left of the socially awkward kid that Aiden once was. Yes, he grew up in a lab. Most of his friends were robots, and most of the people he worked with were adult scientists. But Aiden managed. University was awkward. Being followed around by camera's all day because he was some kind of child genius was even more awkward. But if there was one thing Aiden excelled at, it was adapting. It wasn't hard to give the media what they wanted. Aiden just had to put on a smile and talk about his work in laymen's terms, so that even the idiots could understand. It worked. Even before he graduated, he already had his picture in several magazines. The demand would only increase after he invented the great powerplant. For Aiden it became somewhat of a game. He never liked the press, but with fame came power, and with power came higher budgets for his research. 

More backstory on Aiden

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Aiden from my Emion project. 
More about him:
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Love the backlighting in this one!

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Prosthetic right Hand/Arm? I always thought he only wears a long, black Gloves ... ...
DamaiMikaz's avatar
He wears the gloves to hide it
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This looks so atmospheric and cool! Or warm, since it's yellow, except Aiden just gives off this cold feeling XD

The arm––cooler than skin, huh? (Sorry, I could resist a little fmab reference :D but it's clear that he's a totally different person)

All those little subtle highlights add to the overall dynamic-ness of the piece, and the backlighting is really amazing. How did you do it?

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Cybernetic limbs are a thing, especially when you've lost your arm. He usually covers it up with gloves, though ^^
And how I do it... I don't have a clue. I just draw what I feel XD
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the lighting here looks really good!
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Oooooh I really like him. Every new piece is like a piece of a map and I'm excited with every new one!
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Thank you :D
I'm so happy to hear people are actually following the story :D
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most of his friends are robots? damn he got more social life than me!
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I love this character!

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It's not an easy angle you chose. It's neat how you experiment with your art :) :clap:

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On one hand I don't like him. On the other hand given his background it's kinda hard to "blame" him for what he's done.
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He's a complicated character. He's capable of doing great good, catapulting the world forward with his genius inventions and (when he's older) donating a lot of his money to education, science and hospitals. But on the other hand he lacks a certain emotional warmth
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A deep character. I like it. Kinda hard to form good judgements when you don't have the whole picture ^^;
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Even for those that know the story he's a complex character ^^
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Capitalizing off fame now, are we? B-)

I'm pretty excited to see teenage Aiden. The yellow lights are also pretty neat. :D

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Hey... Gotta get that research money somewhere XD
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