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Karim had to admit, he was hesitant about Sato. At first he confused him for a student. The kid really did look like one. Young, with a boyish face and a body too frail to really carry the weight of an aura. There was a point Karim doubted the kid even had powers at all. Maybe Neorasa was some kind of elaborate joke from a bunch or arrogant assholes that wanted to scare the world and earn some quick money. But Sato's powers didn't turn out to be a joke, and his approach to it was frightening. Karim was the empathetic type. He didn't like to hurt people, not even his enemies. He tried to avoid it at all costs, even if it meant he himself got hurt. Sato was the opposite. Cold, rational, almost ruthless. To say that Karim didn't like his approach was an understatement. But he did have skills, and over time Karim learned from him, just as Sato learned from Karim. It turned out the kid wasn't all bad, just hardened by many battles. A great ally, if you managed to stay on his good side. 

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Karim and Sato from my Emion project. 
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Woo! Another brilliant artwork, as always!
Xender1500's avatar
Interesting duo
HBJANDD12's avatar

This looks great :D

extraheavyduty's avatar

Ayy, they ready for some action~~~ Really good feel on the movement there, a bit rigid though maybe it suited for these kind of moment.

tdalton89's avatar

Very nice motif. But for me it is not as powerful as the previous ones. The desaturated colors make the characters look much more artificial and doll-like. It's not a criticism because I think it was your intention, right? It's a dark mood and inhuman strength comes to light. These guys are scary ...

DamaiMikaz's avatar
I wanted to make it somewhat scary and surreal
Monii-chin's avatar

I really love your artworks! Your characters are so amazing!

Ghost-Freak's avatar
i like karim ... he's great
probably will draw him next
Stark-Ice's avatar
You truly are a goddess of colors. Astonishing painting! Love 
DamaiMikaz's avatar
Hahaha. I've actually tried to keep it simple this time :)
lightLast's avatar
Yay, battle scenes! :dummy: I'm guessing the threads going from Sato's fingers are kind of like a puppeteer's strings?
Though it must be hard to show Sato's battle scenes in writing, if his powers are mostly mental mindbending.
DamaiMikaz's avatar
True. Sato doesn't use a lot of visible powers in the story. It's mostly mindbending and mindfuckery. And illusions and such. I already make it more visible in the art than it is in the story. 
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they look awesome!!! : oo   i really love the palette as well !
KAHN101's avatar
.. makes the dream work!
saniika's avatar
I'm looking at the glowy balls and guessing - the sharp colored outlines of it - was it done viu luminosity while using red and blue colors? I love the effect!
DamaiMikaz's avatar
My work process is weird. I usually start in black and white to determine the contrast, then colorize, and then paint over it to add those tiny little nifty details ^^
saniika's avatar
aaaa hahaha :D good tip!
Burksaurus's avatar
Whoa, this looks amazing
TheKikkaKibaz's avatar
Yey Karim in action with Sato being total badasses!! :stare:
It's actually cool how Sato activates power with triangles while Karim's powers are in the shape of circles :D 
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