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Sketchdump may 2019 [Both hands]

My drawing hand is messed up so I draw hands that aren't messed up. Lines are a bit wobbly due to my arm being in a cast and all :lol: 
I swear this whole drawing-thing is making me up with a hand-fetish or something. Lol.

(Note: These are referenced from my own hands. I have hypermobility syndrome and can often unknowingly stretch my limbs beyond the range of that of normal humans )

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These are some great looking hands!

WarrChild2's avatar

Thanks just what I needed help on

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I had Hand Jive stuck in my head while looking at this.
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Hands are always so hard for me, and feet for some reason, you've obviously got a much better grasp on them 
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hands have to be one of the hardest body parts to draw, right up there with ears, this would make great reference material for anyone trying to get down hand positions including myself, thank you.
SeventhBard's avatar
oh boy, how... handy! :D
ThatOneRailfan's avatar
Thank you this was helpful!
Neelai's avatar
Is your cast off then? How's your hand? (Or is this left-hand drawings?)
DamaiMikaz's avatar
This is clutching the pen between 3 of my fingers on my right hand drawing XD
JaceB-Art's avatar
You draw hands better in a cast than I've ever drawn them with two perfectly working hands 0_0

I seriously love the way you draw ^^
CameronArnold's avatar
skimmed the text and thought you said hyperbole syndrome at first, couldn't quite figure out what that could entail lol. I like the way you exaggerate the sections of the palm, helps understand form and stuff Thumbs Up 
DamaiMikaz's avatar
Yeah. I like to add those lines in sketches so I know how to place shadows and whatnot
LeeVC's avatar
You're an angel, I am SO shitty at drawing hands. ESPECIALLY fingers.
Moremi-Hime's avatar
Ahhhhhh these are really helpful!:) (Smile) 
dienom9's avatar
Call me yoshikage Kira, cuz I'm gonna steal your hands
BladextremeX's avatar
Thank you, i really do appriciate these scketches. I wish you a wonderful weekend!
SpookySpookyShark's avatar
These are really good! Ya did great, my friend
Green-Dragon-Art's avatar
This mess is genius! Will surely help a lot of people! :heart:
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Maybe. They mainly serve as practice for me to keep my hand-drawing-skills sharp Llama Emoji-48 (I'm Cool with Mah Sunglasses) [V2] 
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