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Sketchdump October 2019 [Hands]

Just drew some hands to warm up to digital drawing again.
I swear learning how to draw gave me a hand fetish. Don't judge XD

(Note: These are referenced from my own hands. I have hypermobility syndrome and can often unknowingly stretch my limbs beyond the range of that of normal humans )

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Me sees this: Oh yeah I can draw fingers now!

my fingers: YeaH TRY HARDER

me: TnT

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Nice I will put this in my hand collection.

pinginni's avatar

That's handy! :,)

DannyRPG's avatar
That's awesome.
EolinAliasStephy's avatar

Love this hands ! I like to draw hands too, I find them fascinating. I'm trying digital work also these days, do you have some advice to go from pencil drawing to digital drawing ?

Nice work ;)

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Well digital will use the wrist more than physical also don't expect to get the physical fun of paper out of digital (technically you could with software like Corel painter etc but it is slow because of the amount of CPU processing required to process a digital paint dab). But digital offers its own advantages like unlimited undo's repaints without damaging the medium etc. I'd recommend getting a Wacom drawing tablet. A simple tablet like the Wacom One is enough. Go for a medium sized tab to give your hands some love; don't go for the small.  You don't need the cintiq or any screen based tabs.  Also for tablets with a screen the hand can get in the way. Initially you'll have hand eye co-ordination issues as you cannot see you hand while drawing as the tablet and the screen are at a 90 degree angle roughly to each other but over time this will become so natural due to muscle memory you won't notice. I wont recommend any software as that is a personal choice you could use SAI , Photoshop, Krita whatever you are comfortable with.
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darnnn the hands you draw are so fancyy!! The practice is paying off ;; (I should do this too but too lazy :( ) Love it, you're getting Pro ;p

DamaiMikaz's avatar
Hands are love, Hands are life :heart:
PerscenexArts's avatar
Hmmm, interesting how you draw hands.
And no, sorry, no coffee. Except you want Euros sent via mail (letter). xD
IKrines's avatar
You have so many gestures sheets.
bless you sir happy cry XD 
AntoniosMom's avatar
this will help, thx
firerockbird's avatar
Hand sketches are always welcome, especially to me who always do them horribly.
Tes92's avatar
I think I share the same fetish, but in a kind of love-hate relationship XD
Curiously, I like to draw them in pencil rather than digital. I think I make them better :/
Watson0101's avatar
These are great , something I need to focus on them hands!
baka--dragon's avatar
I also have hyper-mobility in my joints so I can do lots of bending with my hands and fingers. These hands are similar to how mine look xD 
Zelda206's avatar
Those are very impressive! I have a hard enough time getting proportions on my hands, so I could stand to go to a drawing class or three in order to sharpen my perception on realistic proportions!
TheLowestPickle's avatar
Damn. Those some nice, nice hands. 
I think I may be falling into an art hand fetish as well, send help
DamaiMikaz's avatar
Or join me in drawing hands :lol:
Ajl9324's avatar
These are nice :)
InahoSabremere's avatar
These hands looks amazing and well drawn in this sketch dump! ^^
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