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Sketchdump November 2019 [Feet]

I felt the need to practice drawing some feet.
I've drawn a lot of hands this year and I've quite gotten to like them for how expressive they are. Feet are much harder. Mostly because a lot of the time they're covered. I feel like I've made some progress since last time, though :)

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some feet: 
Sketchdump August 2018 [Feet] by DamaiMikaz  Sketchdump October 2016 [Feet] by DamaiMikaz 

some hands:
Sketchdump may 2019 [Both hands] by DamaiMikaz Sketchdump December 2018 [Hands with syringe] by DamaiMikaz Sketchdump May 2018 [Both hands] by DamaiMikaz Sketchdump January 2018 [Hands] by DamaiMikaz

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Great sketches! :)

My brother has foot fetish. :D

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Looking good. A lot of hard angles there :-)

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is that scratching a foot, with another foot, that i see in the lower middle-left area? xD
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 cool ^^ i don't remember seeing that one before
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Thank you so much!!
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