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Sketchdump May 2016 [Perspective 2]

By DamaiMikaz
This is by no means a comprehensive tutorial. 
These are my personal notes on studying how to draw humans in perspective. I share my studies and resources so it might perhaps help out others.
I've still got a lot to learn too!
 Cry forever 

References from:
Bullet; Orange
Bullet; Orange SenshiStock 

Tutorials used:
Bullet; Red The thing with the guidelines
Bullet; Red Shattered-Earth on using references

Part 1, because Photoshop was being a bitch on me with the filesize:
Sketchdump May 2016 [Perspective 1] by DamaiMikaz

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Great poses  in perspective! It will be very useful! Thanks a lot! Tard Boogie - now a plz 
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Thak U for such an useful tutorial! 
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HI idk but its kind of looking weird to me the sketch on the last piece, im not saying it's Wrong. btw this is a very good idea.
Yumegiwa's avatar
On those sitting poses, the pelvis doesn't actually bend forward like that. It stays relatively straight up and down, maybe even bends back a little. The part that bends when sitting is the joint that attaches your leg to your pelvis.
DaddyHoggy's avatar
Awesome - my 15yo is really struggling with perspective - I'm definitely sharing this with her!
Pikachu9990's avatar
Whetsit-Tuya's avatar
How adorablicious that female persperent on the very top-right looks exactly like She-pard in Mass Effect 2 with her funny MIB worm-shaped body and A-cup breasticles

Also that's a sexy fanart you did of Slender Man's brother Protein Man
MissRiku's avatar
Thank you for this one. These two here are probably the best methods for me as the other on part one were a bit more complicated. TT-TT The grid one. Too many lines. :faint:
GeneralGratitude's avatar
This was super helpful! Thank you!
karnige's avatar
These are great! Very useful. Thanks for sharing!
SilverFable's avatar
Great practises! I've been focusing on human anatomy as well, and it's insightful to see how artists study the same subject =D
HeathWalsh's avatar
Gide lines is the one I use, mostly because the box one in limiting for me, I like learning from photos but prefer not to use them else where, as I often don't have access to photos or the net when I'm drawing, so I don't want to rely on it, and the grid approach confuses the hell out of me!xD So I guess I'll just have to learn my shit about anatomy!:XD:

Thank for doing this, it's cool to see how each of them is used, and your drawings gave me some hints towards things I need to try!:aww: Also some of these are awesome poses!:la:
Light-Lein's avatar
awesome and educative :)! I like the ones where you look from below so they look like giants :P
DRJR6PN's avatar
Jacob: Oh WOW Cool! :D :D 
Erimill's avatar
This is my biggest hurtle right now.  I just can't keep the perspective throughout the piece.
sunsetzero's avatar
Visualizing them as boxes are really helpful! Wish I discovered that sooner though. Also, it's nice that you share your studies and struggles, it's something everyone can relate to. Now I feel inspired XD
DamaiMikaz's avatar
It goes for everything in art.
It's all 3D object you have to capture in a 2D space :)
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great progress.
kheidze's avatar
Thanks! That's helpful
ElrokFoxx's avatar
again, this is really helpful!
oshRED's avatar
Hey Mikaz! It's awesome that you've been taking the time to really learn how to draw the human figure in perspective, and sharing your learning process with others too! It's never an easy thing but I really admire you for doing this c: Keep up the good work! 
DamaiMikaz's avatar
I always make a whole bunch of idiotic notes when studying, so I figured it might help some people if I shared those files.

I'm not good, but at least I'm trying :lol:
oshRED's avatar
Yeah, I think it's a great idea! 

You're doing very well c: I can't wait to see you apply what you've learned in future pieces~ 
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