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Sketchdump May 2016 [Perspective 1]

This is by no means a comprehensive tutorial. 
These are my personal notes on studying how to draw humans in perspective. I share my studies and resources so it might perhaps help out others.
I've still got a lot to learn too!
 Cry forever 

Tutorials used:
Bullet; Red Human in a box
Bullet; Red fox-orian tutorial on perspective
Bullet; Red Perspective grid in photoshop

Part 2, because Photoshop was being a bitch on me with the filesize:
Sketchdump May 2016 [Perspective 2] by DamaiMikaz

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Perspective is so tricky Sweating a little... This will come in handy.
Lucasso972's avatar

But with your help, less easely :meow:
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Good tutorial! This will help to learn how to draw poses in space! Thank you very much! Cutie Thumbs Up 
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I first really got introduced to this type of perspective when I noticed a large scaffold in the building where I work; I then started doodling a "scaffold" every time I needed to use it.
zubair43's avatar
do you use this technique in illustrations too or you just try it in anatomy and pose practice.?:)
DamaiMikaz's avatar
I try different techniques all the time ^^
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Why perspective is always exaggerated in drawings? I see this often, and since most artist do that, I think there should be a reason.
DamaiMikaz's avatar
I guess because it looks more dynamic. You see it a lot in movies too :)
CKReeves's avatar
Imma try this.
DrawWithNessie's avatar
This looks so difficult. ;___; But I guess it'll get easier with time and practice.
ChroniclerEnigma's avatar
Going to come in handy. Thank you for sharing. :D
DiseasedDoll's avatar
There are still a lot of mistakes, that you clearly noticed as well. But you'll get there in no time, I'm sure! Keep up the practice! :la: 
Espamistwalker's avatar
Thanks for sharing! I needed this xD
MaharajaRaja's avatar
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Thanks for sharing!
KennyMcCormix's avatar
Gorsh! Dat very useful! :la:
ReclusiveChicken's avatar
I knew about using three points, but four and five?
Lonear94's avatar
YES! A tutorial <333
Nocturnaliss's avatar
That's a really interesting approach to drawing characters.
beverade's avatar
Good work mate😆
Zaxckee's avatar
I think this will be helpful, perspective is like the Dinkleberg of drawing XD
Arctic-Master's avatar
Funny enough, I had just tried something like this earlier today and got pissed off that I wasn't getting it. XD What are the odds this would be posted the next day?
PastryPuffs's avatar
What motivates you to keep improving?
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