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Sketchdump March 2020 [Jump]

Studied some parkour video's

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Great study, I like how it's loaded with energy! :D So does Sato actually do parkour, or was it just for the sake of practicing?
DamaiMikaz's avatar
It was mostly for study purposes. But I do feel like Sato could adapt to that kind of fighting style since he's pretty fast and agile
Genisay's avatar
Interesting jump cycle. Though for the landing, there would probably be more bending of the limbs like a crouch, absorbing the effects of the impact of landing.
Fun little set of drawings though. ^.^
Xender1500's avatar
Why does the character remind me of Sato?
DamaiMikaz's avatar
Because he is Sato?
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IKrines's avatar
Now we need an animated version of this.
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Nice! Next step: animation :D :D

DamaiMikaz's avatar
Lol. I've never been much of an animator
Neelai's avatar

It would also be a very difficult one to animate :D

DamaiMikaz's avatar
Yeah. And I honestly lack the patience that animators have :lol:
Jcton's avatar
Good job, I like how well you portrayed the movement! ^^
DamaiMikaz's avatar
Jcton's avatar
no prob, you did a really good job at it!
TheKikkaKibaz's avatar
These are always quite helfpul and dynamic poses! 
Evodolka's avatar
nice sense of motion
Kim-cat3120's avatar
These are such good poses
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