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Sketchdump March 2017 [Studies]

I'm a bit late with submitting because I was sick, but whatever. 
I didn't do too much sketching in March, as I spend too much time on doing full paintings and writing :dummy: (I still feel awfully unproductive, though XD)

Did some quick studies to get a better grasp on lighting and various materials.
All of these are done in 30min to 1hour.

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Here, behold the organic feel in these studies~ :D I knew I had seen a realistic hand close-up in your gallery, so here it is.

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obsessed with these studies 
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They all have such an amazing ominous feeling to them, even the spilled drink. These are really amazing. I think I like the first one the most simply because of aesthetic reasons. xP
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I like the whole ominous feeling thing :D
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The file cabinet is awesome
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That file cabinet actually looked like a photo until I zoomed in! You did a great job on the shading. It really adds to the realism :D
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Wow, these studies are so good and realistic-looking! At first I thought they were photos, judging from the thumb.
I like how Emion is written イミオ ン (or something close) on the second picture. Is the story related to Japan somehow?
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Thanks. And nope, not related. Just wanted to put in a subtle thing that not everybody would catch on to. It's kinda my thing with art XD
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I love the way you bring out such pronounced reflections with simple lines. Really cool. Great form on the hands and water too.
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omg i like this!
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whoa, i thought the top one was a photo
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Those cabinets looks so good I struggle a lot with geometric shapes
Everything else looks great ofcourse but I'm in awe of how neat those look haha
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Omg! Those hands are amazing! I wish I could draw hands... I just find a way to hide them
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Just draw them. That's the only way to learn :)
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People should all just have mitten hands
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Ugh, these drawers look awesome
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I hope you won't become a pro before me o.o actually, you seem you already will
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I'm not becoming to do art for money, so I won't become a pro in the real sense ;)
I just wanna make art because I want to draw my characters and story XD
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