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Sketchdump July 2021 [Hands]

It's been a while. Yes, I've fixed my tablet. And no, I still haven't gotten rid of my hand fetish :P

(Note: These are referenced from my own hands. I have hypermobility syndrome and can often unknowingly stretch my limbs beyond the range of that of normal humans )

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Davicu's avatar

Great to see your work again! 😁

janeartworks's avatar

I'm so happy you're back. I missed your art.

thomasVanDijk's avatar

Good to see you're back. It almost starts to feel like Deviant Art again

EndyGameplay's avatar

Welcome back :D

Nice art as always

Kim-cat3120's avatar

eyy nice to see you back!

Some great hand poses, as usual ^^

Xinom's avatar


MangekkoJones's avatar

Nice to see you back!

I see the skill didn't go away.:)

Ossian94's avatar

It's so nice to see your art again in my timeline. I missed it quite a bit.

And I see you're still on the path to become the Master of Hands :D

MinaliAjaebixTsuki's avatar

YESSS YOU LIVEEEEE i have been keeping you watched on your social media that im in waiting for you to return q u q//// nice to see you back <3

lightLast's avatar

Nice to see you back! :D

And as someone without hypermobility… holy shit, that bottom right corner, the one with the two bunny fingers. I think I almost strained something trying to replicate that

BladeTheRogue's avatar

Hooray! Welcome back :D

Blunell's avatar

Very nice and clean studies, as always :) It's really good to have you back. I guess that means we can hope for more art from you in the future?

kinixuki's avatar

Heck yea the power of fixed tablet \o/

DamaiMikaz's avatar

Full power ahead! :D

Cranash64's avatar

Nice to see you again!

P-i-e-r-r-e's avatar

Hey, welcome back!

InahoSabremere's avatar

It's been a while since you last posted any art and drawings, but I would like to say that those hands looks amazing and well drawn! They look great! ^^

DamaiMikaz's avatar
InahoSabremere's avatar

You're welcome Damai, and welcome back!

Ulnarevern's avatar

Glad to see you around again!

Duckyworth's avatar

Hands can be really tough to draw, but you made it look like second nature - these all look great! :clap:

Demidemongaydess's avatar

you're alive! great to see you posting

TacTheScribbler's avatar

I always love seeing your hand sketches! It's simultaneously inspiring and daunting to see someone with such a great grasp of them in their drawing!

Also, congrats on your tablet being fixed! Also-also, it's good to see you posting! :)

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