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Sketchdump July 2017 [Legs]

By DamaiMikaz
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I didn't get too much done this month.
I did scribble some legs from reference in an attempt to get a better understanding of how the muscles work and everything (and how I can draw them sexier T__T)

Also.... DAT ASS :dummy:

More anatomy sheets:
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This is very informative, but also very distracting! :lol:
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DamaiMikazHobbyist Digital Artist
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ConnaroyHobbyist Digital Artist
i like last row 2nd (right to left)
it would fit a few of my chars lmao
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umbatmanProfessional General Artist
weldone, i am doing mine traditional
i have seen that pen and paper just me even better at digital painting
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countvesper General Artist
god i suck at this
foxyfandubsmash2's avatar
foxyfandubsmash2Hobbyist Digital Artist
Senpai..teach me how to do these
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UnikittybotHobbyist General Artist
This is awesome! I wish I could draw like this!🤤👌
DamaiMikaz's avatar
DamaiMikazHobbyist Digital Artist
Take pictures of legs. Draw them :lol:
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I would also recommend the books by Jack Hamm
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GeckopizzaHobbyist Digital Artist
dem legs, you gotta love dem legs
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OudatchiStudent Interface Designer
Very helpful, thank you so much!!!
And I agree about the ass.
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bificalera1Hobbyist Digital Artist
This help me !
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emilyldraws0303Hobbyist Digital Artist
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DamaiMikazHobbyist Digital Artist
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Katesdoodles's avatar
This is really cool! I never would have thought to band off the legs in order to see the  length relationships, also, your muscle diagram is really cool, it's one of the better done ones I've seen 😄
xXPetunia-I-Luv-UXx's avatar
xXPetunia-I-Luv-UXxStudent Traditional Artist
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GeorgeXVIIProfessional Traditional Artist
Good job , this reference will help a lot of deviants ! :clap:
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BrainDiggerStudent Filmographer
Wow, perfect. I wouldn't be surprised to find this on Pinterest... This is just the type of thing that appears in my feed.
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DamaiMikazHobbyist Digital Artist
It wouldn't be the first time my practice sheets end up being shared XD
BrainDigger's avatar
BrainDiggerStudent Filmographer
Showoff :P
DamaiMikaz's avatar
DamaiMikazHobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, I didn't put it there. I was as surprised as you seeing those things shared on other websites.
BrainDigger's avatar
BrainDiggerStudent Filmographer
I kid, I kid. I'm not at all surprised to see your practice work on these type of sites. It's very clean and features some very high quality breakdown of human anatomy. You are definitely an inspiration and a good source of reference to all sorts of artists, both new and experienced.
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KnightravenStudiosProfessional Traditional Artist
Excellent work/practice/reference. :D
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