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Sketchdump July 2016 [Hands]

By DamaiMikaz
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Sketchdump is early this month, because I'm joining the Improvement-Club July challenge.

Challenge description:
1. Take 10 minutes to look at a real life hand. You're not allowed to use photo references (or online tutorials or paintings or anything) in this challenge, so take this time to really look at a hand. You can use an obliging friend who's okay with you peering closely at their fingers, or you can use your own hand. Turn it this way and that, pull it far away, squint your eyes to get a sense of the overall shape, see how it moves. Hint: Don't focus too much about how you'll draw it. Instead, look at your hand as if you've never seen a hand before. What parts are bright? Dark? What colors do you see? As you move your hand, what happens? How long are the fingers compared to the palm? The thumb? If you had to simplify the hand into shapes, what would they be? How do they work together and move? And so on...You have 10 minutes. Go.
2. Draw the first 30 hands. Draw these quickly, spending no more than a minute on each one. Keep them small on the page and keep it simple - each sheet of paper should fit 10-20+ hand sketches. Think of this as trying to capture the idea of the hand - the overall flow and shape. Do each hand in a different pose. Use your hand as a reference, as needed. 
3. Draw the next 10. For these, pick a part of the hand and spend no more than 3 minutes on each. Draw a fingertip with a nail. Draw a thumb from the side. Draw the knuckles of a fist. Draw the palm with the lines. And so forth. You can pick anything and you decide how detailed it should be. Remember, no more than 3 minutes each.
4. Celebrate! You're almost there. It's time to take a break. Shake it out, go for a walk, do something fun. 
5. Draw the next 10 hands. For these 10, go to where there are people and draw their hands. Perhaps you are on a bus, or at a park, or at a library, or a cafe, or a store, or on a couch as your family watches TV. Pull out your notepad, sketchbook, or any old piece of paper or napkin, and sketch peoples' hands. Sketch them as they are - don't ask them to pose. If the hand moves, try to finish it from memory or move on to the new hand position. There's no time limit on this section.
6. Draw the last 10 hands. Home stretch! Do #2 again. Sketch 10+ hands in different positions, spending no more than a minute on each. 
7. Post a link to your results on this journal. Victory!

Medium used: pencil and paper.
Enhanced the contrast somewhat in Photoshop because I sketch so terribly light ^^

More hands:
 [Practice] Hands by DamaiMikaz Sketchdump January 2016 [Hands] by DamaiMikaz

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I just want to say that your charts and instructions are very helpful. Thank you very much!:) (Smile) 
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mrcoffeetablebookProfessional General Artist
I have one. It consists of 4 sketches (so far). In my own post on mrcoffeetablebook, I explained that my intention was to do at least 20 sketches of my right hand (I'm left handed). I followed your instructions to a point...the sketches weren't made from photos...that's where it ends. I clocked myself at 5 minutes per sketch and filled the page with 4. Then, I thought it would be a good to spend some time adding detail and rendering the shadows and highlights on one, then another. I stopped after 2 because my right shoulder started to get sore from assuming the same position, so I could get all the bones and wrinkles in place. BTW, I think you are an awesome illustrator. You also have a deep understanding of human anatomy and motion Hands001A by mrcoffeetablebook  
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Wow! This'll come in HANDY. ;3
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SaviroosjeHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh this is amazing, I will do this challenge, because I need to work on them hands >.< I feel like I never improve on hands, how hard I study them, they never look realistic. But I will try this challenge to see if it's helping me. All your hands look pretty good!!! Thanks for leaving the challenge rules in your description !^^ 
NorthernSwallow-Tale's avatar
NorthernSwallow-TaleHobbyist General Artist
This is seriously going to save my life when I finally get around to drawing my characters with hands! There's only so many ways I can include pockets on an outfit!
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Doodlz18 Artist
amazing hand sketches :clap:
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olgameolaProfessional Digital Artist
Very cool! I really like these sketchesI am a dummy! 
lulumarliah's avatar
lulumarliahProfessional Interface Designer
nice pic
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KragvonHobbyist Digital Artist
these are nicely drawn. here's some feedback though, the most noticeable thing that really bugs me is the finger proportions. I know these are sketches but they should only be used as very loose references. The pinky finger is way too long and/or positioned too far up from the hand. Just something that you should keep a look at if you're drawing fingers.
Xinom's avatar
XinomProfessional Digital Artist
REALLY helpful ! *u*
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ienzo628Student Traditional Artist
You sure had a lot of practice.
QwertyKeyboard47's avatar
QwertyKeyboard47Student Artist
Good job!
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Stylish-GamerHobbyist Digital Artist
This is amazing :0
aaronacasper's avatar
aaronacasperHobbyist Traditional Artist
Sharing knowledge is such a wonderful way to develop your Mastery. Thank you for this. Us newbs love you for it.
Raenafyn's avatar
RaenafynHobbyist General Artist
Excellent work! Hands are challenging ;w;
Anarasama's avatar
AnarasamaHobbyist Traditional Artist
hmmm this challenge seems very handy indeed :D
I think you ve done really well, your strokes are efficient, the hand positions are clear.. it makes me wanna try the challenge as well!
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NkaujTagHobbyist General Artist
my first reaction is ":0 WAHOU!!!!!! it's beautiful i love it "
Sanaco's avatar
SanacoHobbyist General Artist
Wooow!! And all of them without a real reference??!! :faint:
Well... they will be a reference for me hehe
DamaiMikaz's avatar
DamaiMikazHobbyist Digital Artist
I used my hands as a reference :lol:
Sanaco's avatar
SanacoHobbyist General Artist
Well, even so, they are a really good and a beautiful job and, indeed, an incredible reference for me hehe
Thanks for sharing :wink: rvmp 
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MarionetteKuromiHobbyist General Artist
More reference.^^
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KDrewMHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is amazing!xD
JTmercronin's avatar
JTmercroninProfessional Traditional Artist
Brilliant, I struggle with hands.
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