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Sketchdump February 2020 [Hands]

I'm at this point in my life where I just draw hands when feeling otherwise uninspired.
Hands are love. Hands are life :heart:

(Note: These are referenced from my own hands. I have hypermobility syndrome and can often unknowingly stretch my limbs beyond the range of that of normal humans )

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DiabolicalDiablerist's avatar

Wonderful set of hands! Love how fluid and natural the fingers look.

Side note I knew someone with hypermobility syndrome. She dislocated her knee from walking up a flight of stairs. :')

DamaiMikaz's avatar
Yeah. I'm like that too. Kinda sucks but strength training can help to get it kinda under control
RevengedChompyPingas's avatar

Yo, can you draw my roblox avatar for me?

If you want to, i can reply back and send you the pictures

DamaiMikaz's avatar
Yo. I don't do shit for free, man
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
Lots of great hand drawings~ Nice work overall!
SeventhBard's avatar
Even though I'm not very skilled, I admit that hands have got to be one of my fave things to draw. I should do a few pages like these some time, particularly for feet, because holy wow do I ever not understand how feet work XD
Luna-Illumini's avatar

These look really great, seriously. It's a nice variety too.

Hanetzu's avatar
For the comment earlier; there sure is handful of them! Ehe ehe, no one? Ok.

But yeah, I should practice the same. Drawing hands and feet is so difficult aaaa
GlyphBellchime's avatar
Curious. Think you could do these as reference on things? Maybe say, if someone needs a hand reference for a guitar grip? Just wondering...
DamaiMikaz's avatar
I mainly do these for myself to practice. You can make your own, though :)
Jcton's avatar
Cab I borrow your skillz for a second? thanks.
Jcton's avatar
Darn my plans felled like that. XD
KAHN101's avatar
The cursed body part most artists must master to draw -.-
DamaiMikaz's avatar
Hands are nice, though
KAHN101's avatar

They are. It feels like a huge achievement once you finish drawing them just right

Veratai's avatar
Hm.. all of these hand drawings make me wonder.. what would you do if asked to draw a lot of anatomically slightly different hands..  I'm talking about dual-thumb one like on Halo Elites, or Starcraft Protoss xD
DamaiMikaz's avatar
I dunno. I like my normal hands, tbh
Veratai's avatar
 well, i definitely like drawing a hand that's basically an index finger and a thumb on both sides xD even though mine aren't as spiffy x3
xmanmonk's avatar
Hands are so difficult! Great job!
Kobraking14's avatar
*insert unoriginal hand puns here*
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