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Sketchdump February 2020 [Female poses]

I have this thing where I've always identified more with male than with female characters in fiction (despite me being female). It's probably for this reason that most of my characters are male.
I decided to draw some girls to practice some more. Quick sketches, so I kept the practice/gesture lines in. Might be helpful for some :)

And before any of you say it.... DAT ASS :')

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May we use them as reference? :)

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Awesome poses! These all look fantastic! #goals :la:
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Funny you uploaded this now. I have worked like crazy on gesture drawing lately.
Althugh my focus has been on Sitting, Sleeping and running
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I do pose drawing every now and then :)

Are you gonna share yours?
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I have uploaded some in Stash, bu my plan wasn't to share them, I can't remember half of them I used for references. Also I tend to draw nipples on half of female characters, meaning I can't upload the images without checking yes for mature content, and that one always kills interaction of any kind. Sweating a little... 
Untitled by IKrines   Untitled by IKrines   Img 0946 (2) by IKrines Untitled by IKrines  
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Yeah. That's why I keep it to just the shapes :)
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I guess I should too.
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 i like these poses xD
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This is so awesome!

Have you made, or would you ever consider making, a sketch dump of ridiculous poses like the kind of stuff that's memed from that Jojo anime? But with ya know. Remotely realistic anatomy because not a soul can draw those dorito-looking anime dudes.
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I've never really been into the whole JoJo stuff, tbh. But the things I practice are mostly things I feel I need in my own drawings at some point
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That's fair. You make amazing poses sheets regardless. :)
Thank you for sharing them with people.
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Dope and much needed!
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Those poses looks amazing! ^^
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Definately helps!! Did you use imagination for those poses or do you get inspired by other references?
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Practice sheets are always done from reference pics. Some self made, some found
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Spunky. Is the word I'd use to describe what I see.
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I don't even know what that means XD
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Spunky basically means determined. I was more less commenting that the character in said sketches seems to have a more "spunky" attitude.
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