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Please don't kill me... again

Level 0.
A god, they called me... and in some way I probably was one.

Their traditional weapons didn't work against me. Their swords, guns, and even those metheon bullets couldn't penetrate the energy field I carried with me. 'The endless' was how those scientists referred to me, as I didn't need food or even water to stay alive, just light. And even the light of my own core was enough to perpetually fuel me. For a while I was indeed invincible, but I should've known better. Those humans wouldn't tolerate a being like me. The mere thought of the existence of a god instilled enough fear in them to fuel their need for destruction. They wanted to kill me. They came up with new weapons, more powerful ones. Those dreaded pins that would paralyze my powers for at least a while, long enough for them to blast me to pieces. 

I think it was about then that I learned I could not die.

They could damage me, mutilate my body and bleed me dry, but I would never die. Even if my body was completely blast to pieces, I would just lose consciousness, regain it and wake up in a new body while still breathing heavily from the nightmare that I just woke up from. It scared me. Over and over again. They killed me just so I could wake up again. Rinse and repeat. Like infinite nightmares...  

So.... I've been writing 160+ pages over the last month (productivity much :dummy:) and I decided I wanted to do some more story-related art for my Emion project.
I really love the Anima storyline. It's messed up, but in a good way.

The character is named Anima. You can read more about him here.
False Awakening by DamaiMikazCrowned with chaos by DamaiMikazEncounter with a god by DamaiMikaz

I'm off doing more story art now.
Also... gotta work on those character sheets :la:

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(Is it just me or is his arm & hand completely broken?)
(Do more of these please :love:)
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used colors in good way...
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wow!! I like the colors!! 
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Very neat idea. :D
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Delicious gore porn
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Fear alone is enough to justify most peoples motivation to condone any action. Regardless of how "evil" the action is.
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He and his attackers have some history ;P
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Ah, this is so intriguing and really interesting!
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I know you have it so his arm is twisted as if he's reaching out, but it almost looks backwards and had confused me for a moment! If you ever revisit this, I would play with that arm (his left) 

Otherwise, the lighting? The composition? The concept? All of it is just lovely <3 Seeing your work is very interesting to me! 
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I don't know.. something about the pose bothers me ..I think the arm is twisted to far ... and if I would be stabbed through the back I probably would use it to support my body wheight.. but he kinda is a god so maybe h doesn't need that xD
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This is so creative I especially like the eyes and the ways you used the bright blue very effective :)
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Right onto the backbone :O
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Yes. Shit fucking hurts XD
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That's really something.
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Love the mood you have created and lighting effects are fantastic. The position of the palm out hand seems a little odd, the elbow seems a little unnaturally rotated to get the hand into that orientation.
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Nawwww so sad ;~;

But I love the picture! :) It is full of emotion and really brings out what your character goes through
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Thanks. That's so great to hear :D
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That's really sad… :( I wish I could give him a hug… :hug:
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He probably shouldn't be pissing people off if he doesn't like being stabbed through the body. I like the character.
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He pissed off people by merely existing :lol:
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I think this picture is really cool. 
Mainly because it looks as if it was captured in the middle of a movement, hence the blurred edges around the bottom and right side.
You are officially one of my great aspirations.  :D
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