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As convenient as they were, esper powers often came at a great detriment of the wielder's body. Not everyone's body was equally capable of bearing the load of that energy. If it became too much, the person got sick. Nosebleeds were an early warning sign. After that it would get progressively worse. Nausea, fever, sometimes even death.  

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Sato from my Emion project. 
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Ara Ara ~ Sato-san, are my perverted thoughts too much for you to handle ?
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i love the colors in the bg a lot!!
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Nice picture. I really like the nosebleed portraying his overuse of his powers
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Sato looks older here. Like a young man. Maybe it's because his eyes are closed or maybe it's something else. How old is he ?

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Must be the uniform. Hahaha. 
But yeah. His age varies throughout the story. He's a little over 20 at the start of the main storyline but older in the later storylines and younger in the flashbacks. He tends to look young, though. The things he dealt with in life left him with a bit of stunted growth 
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That makes sense :)

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Yeah. He usually wears pretty oversized clothing XD
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NICE, I like the colors of the piece!
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No prob 👍
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My nosebleed character makes you nosebleed? :ohnoes:
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Pretty impressive illustration~
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It looks a bit like he is sucking blood by his nose to me.
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Uhh, need a tissue there buddy?
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I wonder if espers would like to drink. Personally I wouldn't. If my powers already give me a headache, imagine how it would be after a party night. ><

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Most of them have a high tolerance to alcohol, though, as their body neutralizes poison faster :lol:
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Doesn't Sato get drunk really easily though?

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Depends. He can't keep up with some of the others because he's small and he basically never drinks (while others do). But some of the others have powers too and can really drink a lot. Hahaha
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*fan theory time*

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