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It was a cold day

It was a cold day when Rena returned to Illuminon. 

A lot had happened since the witch hunt, and since they left. Cities were destroyed, a lot of people were gone, and a lot of friends were lost in what they've hoped would be the revolution. The old building of the Espon academy, in which they made so many good memories, stood completely abandoned. When she came here as a young girl, before things started going south, Rena used to love this place for it's vibrant people. Now it was nothing more but a sad reminder of times that were long gone. It was then when Rena started to realize that she truly wasn't like those others. She wasn't about to die in a stupid bombing. No, she was ridiculously powerful. She would go in hiding for a while while things were still dangerous, but one day she would return to fight.

Made this one using the guidelines set for Improvement-Club's september challenge (Seriously, check out this group. They have neat monthly challenges)
Used this photo as inspiration, trying to get the cold/warm mood right with colors. Also, because yellow is a hard color to work with T__T
and the light enters the ... by KariLiimatainen

This drawing is part of my Emion project. 
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Awesome. For some reason it reminds me of Coraline because of the yellow coat. 
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Love this so pretty
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Brrrrrrrrr. Cold indeed. :D
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So beautiful picture.
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Good job! Thanks for the llama badge
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Damn, I thought it was sone adaptation of the sim's video games. Was really convinced by that rune above her head! ^^ Just Joking.
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I really love the feeling I get from this :)
So cold and beautiful !
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I really like the atmosphere in this!
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Beautiful work
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Beautiful art! Orion Icon Commission 
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very nice, love it!
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Plushtrap Puppet Emoticon

Amazing art as always!!!

I'm just a big fan of your Emion project!!
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It's really good:)
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Is that supposed to be Coraline? It looks like it.
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Coraline is the main character of a book and of a movie.
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Oh. I haven't heard of it ^^
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this is pretty cool I like the castle.
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You send me a llama Babge,thanks!
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Beautiful, the colours look great, I love the light! 
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