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Interview at the Ground Zero labs

Aiden didn't have a lot of childhood memories. The majority of them consisted of the endless days he spent reading books in his father's office at Ground Zero. He learned to read and write early on, even though he never went to school. His parents were just too afraid of the bad influence the other students might have on him, so they took him to the labs instead and raised him there. It didn't particularly bother Aiden. He was an obedient child and most of all, he didn't know any better.

As the years flew by and Aiden grew older, he started making friends. It started with the scientists that worked with his father. They talked to him and sometimes brought him food and drinks when he was studying. They probably felt somewhat sorry for him, being the only child in the labs, but that pity quickly turned into respect as Aiden became more and more involved with Ground Zero's projects. Aiden was young, but also very intelligent. At the age of eight he effortlessly rewrote documents of senior scientists and made theories on how to improve the powerplant. Theories that were so impressive that they caught the attention of the professors in Yasny --Darkai's leading university-- and they pretty much begged Aiden to study there.
His admission to the university was the first time Aiden saw the outside world, and it scared him. There were so many people, and they were all so loud and talked so much. Not to mention all the new things he had to get used to. Textbooks, lectures, professors, and of course there was the media. They never stopped following him.

Aiden never understood the whole fuss. He was in fact quite surprised by the immense respect he received when he graduated on his blueprint for the new Darkai powerplant. Science was something Aiden did when he was bored, and he was bored a lot. He'd been so absorbed in his graduation research that he wasn't aware of how groundbreaking it was, neither did he realize how much he'd grown in the past few years. The new status came with benefits. The first and most obvious one was the money. As the powerplant's designer, Aiden got a small percentage of its profit. That seemed like a small gesture, but in a huge industrial area like Darkai it quickly added up to millions a year. At seventeen Aiden never had to work for money anymore. The second benefit, and perhaps the one that Aiden abused most, was that ever since his graduation nobody saw him as 'that weird kid' anymore. The world, and especially Darkai, considered him to be some kind of hero. He was the genius who single-handedly solved the energy crisis, and people had nothing but praise for a man like him.

Based on Aidens backstory in book 3. I really love writing about this asshole character :dummy:

Again more experimentation with a more cinematic/emotional type of lighting and colors that I don't usually use. I'm probably gonna continue this whole storytelling/narrative kind of drawing experiment, as I like it a lot more than just drawing plain characters. The original reason that I started drawing was to give a face to my characters and draw scenes from my project/novel. And I feel myself getting excited now that I come closer and closer to my original goal :la:

Aiden from my Emion project. 
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Looks a lot like Kyoma from Steins;Gate

Interesting backstory! How old is he in the current timeline? Will he ever find a true love? Lol
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Depends on where in the storyline, but he's all grown up and everything.
He's even married :)
I've missed you by DamaiMikaz  
Haha he doesn't looks like the type who'll fall in love xD let alone get married
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He's not the type to blindly fall in love but when he cares, he cares deeply
That's so romantic of him :heart:
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the real story is:

reporter: would you say Sarah is the most beautiful woman you've ever laid eyes on?
Aiden: why.. yes.. yes i would...

Llama Emoji-01 (Laughing) [V1] 
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Sorry. The dude is already taken :')
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What? He's married and has a kid :ohnoes:
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* read the whole Story in the Description *

Jeah ... ... ... "that" could make a Person indeed evolve into a Psychopath ... ... :XD: :D
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I love the lighting from behind the doors and how it makes everything green-blue!!

You said this was based on a book, may I ask what book you're talking about? Seems like something I'd like to read 
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It's a novel I'm currently working on
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Ah ok Looks really interesting! 
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you're sooooooooo good with lightning and stuff omg, I just love it ! 
it makes me think of a scene from a movie or something 
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you're very welcome 
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got dang! im impressed, what type of scientist is he? or is he a doctor? lol
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He's called an aura researcher, with aura's being a type of special powers/energy in humans in the story (which are widely used for other purposes as well). In the real world he'd be closest to a physicist, I think.
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Nice, reminds me of the pokemon Lucario, it sounds cool keep up the good work bro OH and thanks 4the lama badge!
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And a well written piece to boot. Aiden strikes me as a character who is very condescending....
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