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[Inktober] 11 Rule

The ruler of a bloodred empire.

I'm planning to draw a series of these themed cards for this #inktober
Characters are from my Emion project. 
Character: Emperor Kenzo

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Oct 9, 2016 1:33:25 PM +02:00
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My favorite pen when I would draw! I hope you are making anime movies, you have AWESOME TALENT 
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man the color scheme is so pleasing 
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I really love this one ^^
I have a question for inktober rules tho, am I allowed to use markers? Or is it a one color marker and pen...
I'm confused
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Este trabajo me ha gustado muchísimo.
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......Reminds me of Samurai Jack.
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Wow! That's super cool! O.O
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Awww so cool. All the card series are amazing. As a card player I would love to have a set with these backs. Have you considered working with Bicycle? ( I don't really know how they contract with artists but I have a few of their sets basically because of the art. They have different releases with different designers, artists etc. I find that your art really goes with their art choice.
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I love your line work!
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I like this one! 
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I love the crown hanging above his head.
Or is it 'printed' on the red sun?
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It's a symbol. Just like all the other inktober cards that I made have one :)
RevealedFromtheVoy's avatar
There were those symbols on every pic... such tiny details... how did I not see it before?
I'm sorry x)
It's very well done, and awesome!
Congrats :D
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They're quite subtle :D
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I like this one, the diamond like shaped crown, the big red dot with smears in the background, nice work :nod:
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Damai this piece made it onto the "popular 24 hours" list! :D
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Heh. That's actually pretty cool :D
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Very awesome, so video game.
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