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False Awakening

"You know... this whole dying thing is quite unsettling.

Imagine waking up from a deep slumber. Opening your eyes, doing things as you would usually do, until you notice something is off. 
Not terribly off, but just slightly. Enough to make one feel uncomfortable.

You get hurt. You die. You go to sleep again.
Only to wake up into another false reality.

What happened?
Where exactly did I mess up?"

Emion © Damai Mikaz
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That’s really cool
FoxFriend123's avatar
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Awesome drawing. It kinda reminds me of Vanitas from Kingdom Hearts BBS.
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is he social response
DamaiMikaz's avatar
He's an original character of mine
delphifilm's avatar
description sounds enigmatic, somehow.....reminds me on peter sloterdijks claim: "You are born each day anew" but your description is probably about reincarnation in a literal way, right?
XxSoullessSpiritxX's avatar
I've used this picture in a video of mine, I hope you don't mind! If you do, I can take it down.…
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Beautiful! I love the combination of colors and the 'gloomy' atmosphere.
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вау, красота
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wow...your drawings are so unique! Well done, keep it up!
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Pretty frickin' awesome. 
VanillaSnuggleMonk's avatar
The style for the skin <3
waqasKhan007's avatar
Dark and awesome!
i had one some months ago. cool drawing!!!
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This is awesome!
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this is awesome !! 
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i wish my nosebleeds looked that fab
ghostofthera's avatar
I love the colours you use in this piece! Great job!
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