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I posted a meme on Instagram a couple of days ago. On which my good friend ErlenmeyerKat said "Make a tinder pic for the doc".
Well, okay... Here we go. Quick picture. It's not too undressed. Doc strikes me as the type that keeps it classy :')

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Moriz from my Emion project. 
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I thought, "Huh. Is he looking attractive on purpose?" when I saw this. Not that he wasn't already attractive, I just felt like you were spicing things up a little. xD

And then I read the description. Nice job. xD

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Hahaha. You're right, he's not the type that would purposefully try to be attractive (probably too obsessed with his work to even notice that kind of thing). But it was a nice thing to draw for a change :D
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Cool drawing of Moriz
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Lol. Didn't strike me at a tinder type, tho.
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He isn't :lol:
(He's married to his work XD)
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Makes sense, lol
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Yeeeeess, just that one button down is al i need :heart:

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There is no need for nudeness, a charming one button down is attractive enough

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Oo he's looking pretty cool ;)
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Ha!  I like it.  I also really liked the thing you posted upon Instagram.  It feels just right.
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Hahaha. Thanks :D
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he is so gorgeous oml

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Too bad he spends most of his days obsessing over work XD
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I'm dying from laughter, this meme is the best. That tinder one though! Spit Laugh 

I don't know anything about tinder, but I wouldn't mind if he asked me out. I like doctors..a lot.  Blush 
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Memes are love, memes are life :')
AxceI's avatar
They sure are :")
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