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Character Abuse Meme

Yes. I needed to vent ~__~
Don't worry about the character (Anima). He is pretty much immortal and resistant to pain anyway. 

Most of the pictures are actually pretty consistent with the Emion storyline (yes, the dude gets quite some shit).
There's a whole explanation behind the glowing blue blood, the weird suit and the halo. Perhaps I'm gonna make a sheet to explain it one day, if I'm not such a lazy bastard XD

blank meme
Character Abuse Meme - BASE by blk-kitti
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Dude, your character looks like Matt Miller.
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I really like the glowing blood concept, that's pretty cool.
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This gives me horny
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love it!
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I love this OC of yours! looks awesome!
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Distant clapping 
This may be vent, but I see the emotion you put into this and it's so good oh my lordy
I love bruises and blood, but the glowy blood on this is amazing aaaa glowy is my weakness!
What a lovely oc too!~
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What is this? BOUNDAGE? :v sorry couldn't resist the joke. :v
But seriously, where you post your comics, I really wanna read some of it.
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There are no actual comics.
The characters are based on a novel I'm writing. I'm making art of them occasionally ^^
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O..ok...I got some storys..but youre drawing better than I if wore you..I wold make some money with this talent... :p
If I finish some artwork I'll post here. ^^
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Disturbed's songs in a nutshell...  Brilliant work my friend. Clap 
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Whooooa 🙀🙀🙀
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if you're still being lazy, stahp it!!! :ohyes: 

also, keep being the fantastic awesome that you are!!!!!
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Lol. Still need to make that char sheet XD
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doooooo iiiittt, i want to see it :b
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I will... but it's gonna take some time
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as long as you get there. that's what matters, right? finishing stuff =P
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Yeah. But I'm usually slow :la:
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so am i!! (as is demonstrated, i imagine :P )

but still! working on things is good. just do whatever and it adds up.
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Drooling all over the keyboard
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omg this is awesome...:D
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*comes back many months later**dicideds to do this for illy**puts it off as I'm already working on something*
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