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Body Language - Hand gestures

Another study I did on body language, focusing on the way hands are used to express certain emotions.
Hope it helps you out as much as it helped me when drawing these. 

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More body language:
A small study in body language by DamaiMikaz

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Thanks for this

I'm using this to practice my arm anatomy

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Interesting, thought-provoking and great sketching. Very enjoyable like all your other stuff (with the word "stuff" being used, like, something like Raiders Of The Lost Ark ... maybe a scene where someone comes running out of a newly-discovered tomb full of treasure screaming "Quick, quick! Ya gotta see all this stuff!) lol

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This was very insightful; thank you for sharing! ^ ^
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I love this Pose ^^
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He's confident he's Had To Do It To 'Em 
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really nice, they fit his character.
i also appreciate the explanations, they're really helpful!
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oh my goodness this is such a good reference!! thank you so much! these notes and visuals really help :,)
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I really like this. This is a nice emotion map.
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This is a good analysis. I like it. And the gestures and facial expressions are well–sketched.
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You're welcome :)
The only thing I found unbelievable was the range of non-negative emotions Moriz displayed XP
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Oh. He can be very polite ^^
Xender1500's avatar
He can be? This is honestly not the impression I got from him XD
DamaiMikaz's avatar
At a surface level he's ridiculously polite, only to be on his own again and complain to himself how people are stupid :lol:
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Pfffff now it makes sense. This sounds more like what I expect of him.
It's a matter of perspective I guess. From a pov of someone highly intelligent who also grew up really negatively, people must seem stupid.
While to other people they're not stupid, it's just that he's an "intelligent arrogant bastard" kind of guy.
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For Moriz it's not just intelligence. It's also disappointment of how much of the work comes comes down to politics. To having the right connections, to corporate ass kissing, to bureaucracy... It's frustrating to have good ideas, yet have someone else get the funding because he's better at playing politics. 
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the shame one looks so much like hes just cringing over someone else making an idiot of themselves :lol: 
DamaiMikaz's avatar
You can feel ashamed for other people too XD
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and this guy is obv a master at it :D (Big Grin) 
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Is better that I look often at those, as I suck at understanding body language... and I'm drawing a comic.
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Interesting and useful info. Love the focus on the hands and strong, firm outlines! Thanks for sharing :)
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